Domain Age Adds Credibility to Your Brand

Written by Nick Stamoulis

When it comes to digital marketing, there are several components. Most focus exclusively on elements that are immediately seen to the eye, such as the posts they add to social media and the content they push live on their websites. However, there are also some factors that work behind the scenes, and just because these aren’t immediately obvious, it doesn’t mean they aren’t important.

One of the questions we are often faced with is how to handle website redesigns. Often, businesses wonder if they should scrub their whole website and start over, or simply revamp and update the existing site. They may also wonder if they should delete an old, outdated domain or start fresh.

Whenever possible, it is so much better to keep your existing domain, simply because the search engines favor those that have aged. In fact, the older your domain is, the more credibility your brand has, as far as the search engines are concerned. Here’s more information about this:

Domain Age Matters for SEO

In particular, domain age matters for search engine optimization. A well optimized website that has been around for a while while likely outperform a newer, optimized site in the same domain, provided that the other elements, such as the link portfolio and social signals, are also similar.

If you were to revamp your website, it is important to try to use your current domain. Starting from scratch in this department will definitely hurt you in the search engines. Your older domain will always outperform a newer domain. That is why it is important to stick with a domain that will reflect your business, and also that will evolve with your business.

Branding and Domain Work Together

Branding is often looked at as a complex entity since there are so many factors that can play a part in it. It is even more nuanced when you consider the differences each industry has from one another. The underlying goal is to connect your brand with the right people, and make sure those people recognize who you are when it comes time for them to make a purchase.

It’s true that SEO plays a huge role in this process. The more prominent you are in branded search, the easier it will be for people to recognize your brand as a whole. Domain age absolutely impacts SEO results, but it is more than that. The older your domain is, the more it will be recognized as a vital part of your very business.

As your domain ages and you nurture the other pieces of your branding, it will be more and more likely that your target audience will visit your website by physically typing in the domain themselves, rather than arrive to it through other means. If you were to take away your domain and start from scratch with someone totally new, you lose this vital branding.

Domain authority is vital for digital marketing. It not only helps you gain credibility in the search engines, but it can also help boost your brand.

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