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Written by Nick Stamoulis

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Digital marketing is one of the foundations of your business’ success. There are a lot of components that can go into a digital marketing strategy, so knowing what to budget for is important. By budgeting for your digital marketing, you can maximize your efforts and outcomes. Here are some things to consider when budgeting for your digital marketing:

How Much To Spend on Digital Marketing

Because there is so much that can be involved in digital marketing, it can be difficult to decide not only what to spend allocated money on, but how much to spend. The first thing to consider is what areas of digital marketing you’re going to focus on. This is easier to determine once you’ve created your current digital marketing breakdown.

You don’t want to divide your money amongst them all equally if they aren’t all going to benefit your business. You can see clearly what has worked for your business until this point. If PPC and social media have generated the best results, you may want to continue building on efforts in those areas.

Consider Your Business’ Goals

Deciding on your digital marketing budget should work hand-in-hand with the goals you have for your business. Without clear goals, you may allocate money to areas that don’t serve your business. In order to know where to budget money for digital marketing, you have to know where you want your business to go. Your business plan will help you define your goals.

From there, you can create a digital marketing plan that will help you see where your budget should be spent, because the strategy will connect your marketing and business goals together. To that end, you also need to create a digital marketing budget

Discover How to Allocate Funds

In order to budget effectively, create a detailed breakdown of what is being spent on each area of your digital marketing strategy currently. This will include items like:

  • Money spent on third-party tools, such as social media scheduling platforms
  • Website hosting and domain registration
  • Contractors, agencies, staff, etc. that would help you execute the work
  • Media spend for PPC, paid advertising, social media advertising, etc.

Create as much detail as possible so that you know exactly where every cent is being spent.

Assess Digital Marketing Results and Adjust

Once you know how the results from each digital marketing program, you will be able to gauge each one’s effectiveness. This can be done through examining website traffic data, conversion rates, and lead generation. While you may know that conversions and traffic to your business website are up, you need to know exactly where they are coming from. With these results, you can decide how to adjust your strategy and ultimate, your budget.

Creating a digital marketing budget is an important part of your strategy. The money you have to spend, in a lot of ways, can even help determine your strategy.  You need to spend money on the aspects of digital marketing that will have the most impact, and this takes planning. The process of creating a digital marketing budget can be daunting, but the payoff will be huge.


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