Content Marketing Is More Than Writing

Written by Nick Stamoulis

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When you think of content marketing, the first thing that probably comes to mind is writing. While writing is a large part of content marketing, it’s not the only part. Consistently writing high-quality content that offers value to your target audience is a great start, but if that’s all you do in hopes of finding success, you are likely to end up disappointed.

Effective content marketing requires being able to write as well as execute a number of other activities that will benefit your digital marketing strategy.

Here’s what to know about content marketing that goes beyond writing:

Create a Strategy

Writing content consistently is key, but you also need a strategy for this content. For example, who are you writing your content for? Your target audience needs to be your focus. You can’t appeal to everyone, so you must focus on those who will benefit from what you have to offer. Your strategy is the framework that will help you to create content your target audience wants and needs and will keep coming back for. A strategy will also help you post content in the right places.

Content that is high-quality, but not visible, is going to be useless to your digital marketing efforts. In addition to knowing the demographics of your target audience, you will benefit from knowing their pain points and their interests as well as how your product or service can help make their life better.

Consider Each Stage of the Buying Cycle

Chances are you spend a lot of time focusing on potential customers and appealing to them with your content. You want your target audience to become familiar with your brand, company, and the products and services you offer. This isn’t a bad thing, but it’s important to spend as much time focusing on your current customers and strengthening your relationship with them. You want to continue impressing them so that they continue buying from you.

An email newsletter is a good way to keep in touch with existing customers as well as drawing in new ones. You can keep them up-to-date on your latest offerings as well as what’s happening in your industry. Aside from content, things like fast shipping, great customer service, and being active on social media also help nurture various stages of the buying cycle.

Promote Content

You’re writing high-quality content on a regular basis and posting it to your website, but are you promoting it enough? A large part of content marketing involves making sure that people are reading your content and finding value from it. You should be active on social media, posting about your new blogs. This will not only drive people to your website, but help you to stay engaged with people.

If your social media accounts are not active, customers, both potential and current, will assume that your brand or company is no longer around and take their business elsewhere. Retaining customers is just as important as generating new customers. Having multiple touchpoints will help you to stay in front of customer’s eyes, which is important with all the competition also vying for their attention.

Analyze Data

You want to know which content performs the best. You can write informative content, but if it’s not getting the attention you desire, you may not be hitting on topics that your audience is interested in. By analyzing data, you can see which topics are getting the most engagement as far as likes, shares, and comments. Writing content that your target audience has no interest in is a waste of everyone’s time. By using available data, you can focus on creating content that appeals to your audience.

Content marketing involves more than just writing. By attending to other tasks, you can make sure that your written content has the impact you hope it will.


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