Content Marketing Shouldn’t Be Content by Committee

Written by Nick Stamoulis

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It’s true that excellent content is a primary foundational element for your digital marketing plan. As part of our services, we always recommend that we consistently write and publish new content on a regular schedule. Over time, this consistent effort adds up and will help you achieve your goals, as long as it is well written and posted consistently.

While there are a lot of benefits to creating content, there is also a lot that can go wrong with it. We’ve noticed that a main barrier to having content published is when the process of approvals is cumbersome, which tends to stall the process. Content shouldn’t be “content by committee”, meaning that you don’t need multiple people to approve the articles.

Don’t Stall

One of the biggest reasons why having too many people weigh in on the content is that it tends to stall the process. In order to really gain momentum with your content marketing, you need to publish content on a consistent, regular schedule, such as once or twice a week. You need to come up with a schedule and stick with it.

What happens if one of the pieces of content stalls during the approval process? Well, then you have lost momentum and it could take you longer to see the benefits of your content marketing. The solution is to delegate only one person in order to approve the content that will be going live. Otherwise, your content schedule could lack consistency, which will hold back your results.

Develop a Process

The best way to approach this is to make sure that you develop a solid process for writing, editing, approving, and publishing the content. We usually brainstorm a list of topics for articles in advance that will last at least a month. When it is time for us to write, we pick a topic out of the already approved list. This automatically discourages “pickiness”. If someone on the team doesn’t like a topic, it can be removed from the list, which can save time.

Once the article is written, it is time to wait for approval. The goal here is just to select one person who will be responsible for approvals. This is where having “too many cooks in the kitchen” can really make the process spoil. If you have more than one person approving it, and several people have questions, the article may not be published for the next month, if at all. This does more harm to your content marketing than good.

Articles Don’t Need to Cover “Everything”

One of the main barriers to getting content approved and published is that people erroneously believe that the article needs to say “everything”. This simply isn’t the case. Articles need to have a focused topic, and then that topic needs to be adhered to. Your audience will appreciate the focus, and ultimately, so will Google.

If the title of the article is “How to Boost Your Business with Content Marketing” that is what the article should be about, and it should be free from tangents. for example, the article doesn’t need to cover your philosophies on social media. In fact, this would likely confuse your readers. Just stick to the point and the content will perform better.

Too often, this is one of the biggest thing that holds an article back in the approval process. People feel as if the article should cover “everything”. and that simply isn’t the case. When it comes to content marketing, you definitely want to slow the process down.


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