Be Sure to Establish Your Brand Voice on Social Media

Written by Nick Stamoulis

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When it comes to social media, it is about more than just making posts and hoping your target audience notices. In order to connect with them, you need to be able to satisfy their needs, but you also need to be true to yourself. That is why it is s important to establish your brand voice early on in the relationship.

Whether it’s through visual language, colors, typography or even sound effects — there are so many options for every business, and these are just a few suggestions.

Learn About Your Target Audience

It all starts by learning about your target audience. In fact,  social media is essentially all about creating relationships and starting conversations. You need to get to know what concerns your audience has, questions they might have, and other considerations before you can make a social media plan that highlights your own branding.

In other words, this is an essential part of building a relationship. If your target audience knows their needs will be met, you will build a relationship of trust.  You need to understand and empathize with your target audience. Read their posts, and gain a sense of their mood and concerns. You should know who you’re talking to and tailor your messages accordingly.

Develop a Great Social Media Plan

People don’t follow you because you’re just starting, and they don’t know you. They follow to see how your brand evolves and what will happen next. Start with a plan, not only for making social media posts, but also one that highlights your brand. A well-organized guide will enable you to remain relevant and build trust with your customers.

Also keep in mind that having a plan isn’t quite enough. You also need to be consistent. It’s not just about posting a lot. Instead, post quality content that interests your audience and can make them take notice of what you’re doing.

Showcase Your Brand’s Core Values

At this stage, you should also demonstrate your core values through your branding. If your audience’s values and your values sync, they will follow you to see what you have to say. People should know what you stand for and why they should stay connected with you. People need to like your brand to become interested in you, whether it’s your products, services, or advice.

Be Sure to Keep Things Simple

If you’re launching a new campaign or initiative, keep it simple. Don’t try to explain too much to your customers; tell them what they need to know. In marketing terms, this is called KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid. It’s vital because it’s easier to catch people’s attention and engage them if what you’re telling them is short.

As a brand, you should have an established voice on social media. However, this won’t happen overnight. It takes some effort on your part. This will be the basis for all future posts and interactions with your online audience and fan base. You should create an engaging atmosphere that makes people want to keep coming back for more!


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