Brand Cross Promotion Can Help Your Digital Marketing

Written by Nick Stamoulis

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If you are a company that runs multiple brands, you may be used to promoting them each separately. Did you know that you can also cross promote your brands? Cross promoting brands isn’t always going to make sense, but even if the brands aren’t related, it can be done. 

What Can Cross Promoting Do?

Cross promoting gives you an opportunity to show current customers that you do have other brands that might interest them. This makes the most sense if you have brands that are related to each other. For example, you may have a brand of athletic wear that you promote. If you also have a brand with health food related products, it only makes sense to cross promote.

People who are interested in fitness are often also interested in healthy foods and drinks. Even if a customer hadn’t before considered purchasing health food related items online, now that they know what you have to offer, you may have sparked some interest. 

Experience Cost-Effective Advertising

Cross promotion is also an opportunity for cost-effective advertising. If you have a budget for advertising, or simply want to spend less on advertising, cross promotion can help. Of course, you don’t want to force cross promotion if it doesn’t make sense. Not only can cross promotion save you a bit of money, it can also result in increased revenue.

Customers who already know and trust one of your brands will be more likely to try products from another brand that you own. You can also create bundle deals if the products are related. These types of deals appeal to customers.

Cross Promote on Social Media

Cross promotion can also be done on social media. If you have a social media account for each brand you own, don’t be afraid to mention one brand when you tell your followers about another. “If you like xx, you might also like yy,” is a something that can work if your brands are related. Your followers may also be customers who would enjoy your other brands as much as they enjoy the one they already know and trust. 

Promote Your Brand on Your Website

Another unique way to cross promote your brands is to include that you own other brands in your About Me page on your websites. You can include links and accounts of your other brands on your social media pages as well. This way, anyone who is interested, can check them out in their own time. 

Cross promotion won’t always be a success. It will be hit and miss, but it never hurts to try and can result in new customers, customers investing in more than one brand, and increased revenue. Don’t feel bad about cross promoting your brands. Once you find a strategy that works best for your brands, you can continue to promote them that way. When you promote your other brands to your existing customers, you have the opportunity to build a fan base that consists of people who are already loyal customers.

Cross promotion is an efficient and effective part of online marketing that should be taken advantage of when possible.


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