Can AI be Used for Social Media?

Written by Nick Stamoulis

There are many practical uses for AI (artificial intelligence), such as image recognition for face unlock for smartphones, voice assistants, and even fraud detection. AI is also being used to create content.

Content can be created more quickly than most people can write, though it may lack the personal touch that readers prefer. This leads many to wonder though, can AI be used for social media as well?

AI is already being used on social media in the following ways:

  • Creating posts
  • Optimizing social media campaigns
  • Using analytics to determine what posts will work
  • Writing social ads
  • Measuring trends across platforms to find target audience
  • Conducting social media monitoring

Here are some things to consider if you are thinking about using AI for social media:

Increased Speed

Using AI for social media means faster content creation. Of course, when it comes to social media, you don’t want to post too often or your followers may become annoyed. Content posted may be relevant, but may also be plagiarized from other work found online. It’s important that you double check anything that has been posted by AI.

Another consideration to think about is that content may be removed because AI bots cannot always distinguish between spam or offensive content and good content. If you decide to task AI with your social media posts, understand these drawbacks and consider carrying some of the load yourself so that you know that posts are going to benefit your audience and your goals.

Creativity May Suffer

Unlike humans, AI cannot write using a personality or tone. This lack of human touch also means that AI generated social media posts will lack creativity. Posts may sound dry and boring, causing people to skip past them instead of being drawn in. Social media is a great way to connect with your followers and customers, but if they can’t relate to your posts, they won’t look further into your content or your products/services.

In addition to creativity, you want social media posts to include a certain amount of emotion which AI does not possess. Posts may be grammatically correct, with no spelling errors, but can your followers be made to feel something specific by reading them? Will they be moved to make a purchase, sign up for something, or visit your website to learn more?

Interaction Will Suffer

If AI takes the place of humans on social media, human interaction may become a thing of the past. As AI increases, everything we typically do on social media can potentially become moderated by bots, taking away the important socialization aspect of social media. This can be a disadvantage for anyone who is hoping to connect personally with their target audience.

Visuals Can Be Easier to Find

Using AI for social media posts has one benefit in that it can find images for your posts quicker than a human may be able to. As a human, it’s not uncommon to search through hundreds of images to find the perfect one. AI can find appropriate images quickly, saving humans from a time-consuming task.

AI is a useful tool in many ways. While content can be created quickly, it lacks much of what is needed to connect with followers and customers. Social media is where people go for a person-to-person experience. They leave comments in hopes of being responded to. For businesses who are busy and want to remain active on social media, AI can help to fill in the gaps when necessary.

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