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Written by Nick Stamoulis

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When AI first come out, it was difficult at first to see how it would be of use to digital marketers. On the one hand, people were nervous that it would replace humans for certain tasks, such as writing. Now that some distance has passed between when it first launched and to now, it is easier to see the truth. AI is a great way to assist an individual for performing certain digital marketing tasks, but it will not truly replace the human touch. Here are some ideas for how you can use AI to make your life easier.

Create Potential Lists of Article Topics

One of the ways AI shines is that you can get it to create lists of article topics. Granted, the way AI composes titles, for example, may feel a little flat. You’ll have to rewrite the titles to give them the human touch, but having it generate lists of topics can save a lot of time and effort that you can save for other tasks. Always have AI generate more topics than you need. For example, have it generate fifty or sixty topics when you only might need five or six ideas. Some of the topics may completely miss the mark or not be what you’re looking for.

Get it to Help You Repurpose Content

Did you write an article that you want to convert into a small report, a longer form post, a white paper, or even a script? You can get AI to help you throughout the process, especially if you need it to take a written piece, such as an article, and use it to create an outline for a larger work. You can use the outline for structure but then write it yourself using the human touch.

Use it to Help with the Writing Process

There are other ways you can use it to help you write. Here are some ideas:

  • Article research. Use it to generate research for an article, but then you can write the article yourself.
  • Social media. You can use it to have it generate some ideas for social media related to a finished piece of content.
  • Outline articles. You can get it to outline a piece for a larger work.
  • Keyword ideas. If you need keyword ideas, you can also use AI to help get the process started. You can use it to generate seed keywords that you then plug into a keyword too.

Remember that no matter what task you have AI perform, you always need to give it the human touch and do a fair amount of rewriting. AI excels when you use it to assist you for certain tasks, but it doesn’t have enough personality in order to sustain the entirety of your marketing strategy. Remember that the written words that come out are not unique enough to be used in your content. You’ll need to write your own content, but you can have it help.

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