AI Generated Content Falls Short

Written by Nick Stamoulis

More businesses are embracing the use of AI to help generate content for their websites and social media. AI can be efficient and help to produce more content in a shorter amount of time, but there are also drawbacks to using AI. Here are a few things to consider when using AI to generate content for your business:

Lack of Originality

While AI-generated content can be well-written and understandable, it can lack the originality that you are looking for. When creating content for your audience, you don’t want to put out exactly what other people are. AI uses what it can find already existing on the internet to generate content. This lack of originality may lead to a lack of trust and engagement by readers. The point of content is to educate, help, and entertain your audience.

Creative content tends to be more engaging than basic content that can be read anywhere online. Even if you are saying similar things as others online, as a human, you have the ability to format them differently and present the details in creative ways.

Missing Authenticity and Emotion

AI content can lack the emotion and authenticity that readers prefer when reading. Content that is generated by AI tends to sound robotic, which will fail to hook readers and connect with them in a way that keeps them coming back for more. Your target audience resonates with a specific tone which AI doesn’t understand. AI simply takes the information it has and generates content from it without including emotion, tone, or context.

Relying on AI alone to create your website content will not enable you to connect with your readers and vice versa. In order to humanize your brand and your business, your content needs to evoke emotions and be empathetic. As a human, you understand the needs of your customer. You can craft content to show empathy and be transparent with customers. AI does not possess this skill.

Limited Depth

When it comes to generating content, AI analyzes patterns, which can be useful for understanding what people online are reading, but will only create straightforward content. Your audience desires more. Basic content is easy to create and find. Your audience wants to learn something new. As a business owner, you know that your industry is always evolving. You want to keep your audience up-to-date on these advances.

AI can only use what they have access to, so the content they generate will lag behind real-time events. AI cannot share the latest breaking new the way you can. Your audience will appreciate you keeping them in the loop and their trust in you will grow.

When to Skip AI-Generated Content

AI content can come in handy when you need basic, informational pieces written quickly. If you are looking for a human touch and want to connect with your target audience on a personal and emotional level, skip AI-generated content and write this content yourself. You must consider your industry when deciding whether or not to use AI to create content.

If your industry relies on connecting heavily with your audience, most of your content would likely benefit from being written by humans. If your industry is more fact-based, you can get away with more AI-generated content, but should still find ways to build a relationship with your audience through content. People want to relate to others and if your content is able to do this, your business will thrive.

AI is a great tool for helping to fill in gaps when it comes to content, but relying on AI to produce all of your content can backfire on you. You have the ability to connect with your audience in a way that AI doesn’t.

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