SEO Specialist for Brick Marketing SEO Clients

At Brick Marketing we have found that many full service SEO clients who have previously worked with other SEO companies stopped working with said companies as their SEO Specialist changed multiple times over the course of their service contract. They felt that once they built a rapport with one agent, they had to start all over again when they were given a new account manager, negating the efforts of their previous account executive.

As a full service SEO client, you are assigned to one dedicated SEO Specialist. Your dedicated SEO Specialist, along with Brick Marketing President and Founder Nick Stamoulis, is responsible for the creation, implementation, and continued execution of your SEO campaign. They will be working directly with you for the duration of your SEO contract with Brick Marketing.

Your dedicated SEO Specialist remains committed to you and your organization while providing a personal connection with Brick Marketing. Your dedicated SEO Specialist is accessible via phone and/or email whenever you have questions regarding your SEO campaign, in addition to your regularly scheduled conference calls.

The Brick Marketing SEO team is here to support both your business and your brand and we believe the best way to do this is by providing you with a dedicated SEO Specialist.