SEO Link Audit by Brick Marketing

In order to build a custom link building strategy for our full-service SEO clients, Brick Marketing will first conduct a full link audit on your site and evaluate your link portfolio. We will also run a link audit on your top competitors’ sites and compare your link portfolio to theirs to see what kind of link building campaign your site would best benefit from.

Brick Marketing believes that it is important to run a full link audit on our clients’ websites before developing the actual link building campaign because it helps us to establish a link baseline. We can determine not only how many inbound links your site has, but also categorize those links and visit the sites they are coming from to determine if they are valuable or potentially dangerous to your site’s long terms success.

By running an SEO link audit on your top competitors’ sites, Brick Marketing is able to determine how well your site measures up. Are you ahead or behind the competition in terms of link building? This will help us more accurately determine what kind of links we need to focus on building and how much time (general estimate) it will take before you start to see the positive benefits of engaging in a white hat link building campaign.

Conducting a Link Audit for a New Site

If your site is relatively new (under five years old) and you have never actively engaged in any form of offsite link building before, that doesn’t mean that your site doesn’t have a link portfolio! Every site, regardless of the level of link building done in the past, will have developed natural links over time. You can’t control who links to you! It is important to identify these links and their sources to ensure they aren’t a potential threat to your long term SEO success.

Conducting a Link Audit for an Established Site

For sites that have already done a year or two of link building and are looking to take their campaign to the next level, a link audit will help Brick Marketing ensure that we aren’t unnecessarily repeating any previously completed link building activities like submitting your site to an industry association you are already a member of. We strive to find new link building opportunities for our full-service clients and a link audit ensures that we are on the right track.