Infographics from Brick Marketing

Brick Marketing is not a creative design firm, but we recognize the long term SEO value in something like an infographic. However, infographics may not be the best link building tactic for your industry, your site or for where you are in your link building strategy. Brick Marketing will work with your company to better understand your business goals, objective and overall industry to determine if an infographic is a good fit. If we decide that creating an infographic is a good step for your SEO, we can work with your in-house or 3rd party graphic designer, or have our in-house designer create an industry infographic designed to capture the attention of your target audience.

One of the reasons infographics are valuable for our full-service SEO clients is because they are a great way to break up a text-heavy content marketing campaign, as well as generate valuable inbound links. Infographics are often times the most common form of link bait, as they are easy to share and promote. Infographics can also present of a variety of information in a simple and easy to understand way, making it easier for your target audience to read and digest.

Brick Marketing will help you identify the most useful topics that your infographic should focus on for your industry. We will also help you promote it across a variety of channels to help ensure it gets the most attention (and links) possible.

If it is determined that infographics are not the best way to take your link building and content marketing campaign, Brick Marketing will work with your company to create a custom content marketing services campaign that will work for you.