Best Way to Write Blog Posts for Content Marketing

Written by Nick Stamoulis

Building a series of blog posts will take time. As you write, you’ll need to decide on your tone. For example, your field may include a lot of jargon. Your blog is a great place to bring that high level of expertise down to sidewalk level.

Share Your Expertise

As you write your posts, your end goal needs to be not only to share your expertise but to invite initial visitors to better understand your field. For example, you can start with a high overview of a detailed technical article that you can refer to directly.

Do make sure to invite in a reader who isn’t an expert in your field. Functionally, what you’re trying to write is a detailed teaser that will draw in readers to contact you directly for your expertise and assistance. While you obviously don’t want to share anything proprietary, you do want to share sidewalk level data to avoid generating an impenetrable wall of data for your readers.

Deep Dive on the Blog

Your blog is a great place to deep dive in terms of the data you offer. In addition to offering your deep dive, make sure you have the ability to generate bumper sticker data. One of the challenges for those with deep expertise is trying to shorten their offerings into just a few words.

That being said, the ability to generate headlines and tweets to share across several platforms is critical to sharing your information to as many readers as possible. If you struggle to shorten your message, consider hiring a social media manager for another perspective.

Notify Your Readers of Your Successes!

If your industry is making big changes that can benefit your clients, generate an article. Make sure you also share your wins, such as

  • winning an award
  • earning a patent
  • getting a large new client or contract award

Your growth and workload will impact the skills of your employees and improve your offerings. As you grow and take on new clients, make sure you are sharing your growth. Highlight the addition of new employees and their educational gains.

Recommend Your Services

Your skillset, offerings and services deserve to be highlighted on your blog. Present plenty of questions to your readers to help them understand just what you offer. If there are uncertainties in your industry, make sure that you highlight these in your SEO text. The power of these questions are critical to building a blog that promotes your offerings without sharing data that puts your proprietary data at risk.

Tone is Critical

The blog post you write for your business page is going to be different than the one that you write for your social media launch. For example, your title for your business page post can be quite simple. The language of the blog post itself will need to be optimized for SEO, but the headline should grab the attention of those who visit your website.

On your social media posts, the first line of text may show up in preview under the title. This gives you the chance to rethink how your post will read to the closest viewer and allow you to change up the order of the text as you generate your posts. Additionally, your Facebook posts can be a bit more light-hearted and fun-friendly.

Your blog posts are a wonderful way to share your expertise. As you offer this expertise to your readers, you can also promote your services and products to increase the quality of your offerings. Your blog posts can share your style and your knowledge in a friendly, engaging way.

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