Do These Things to Set Your SEO Campaign Up for Success

Written by Nick Stamoulis

Getting ready to start (or re-start) an SEO campaign? If so, there are some things you can be doing right now so that when it’s time to actually launch the campaign, you’ve already done all of the necessary prep work and the campaign will get started on the right foot. Here are 4 things to do now to set your SEO campaign up for success:

Make website updates

Take a good, hard look at your website. Even better, ask other people to do the same. When was the last time it was updated? Does it look/feel out of date compared to other websites that you frequently visit? Is it user-friendly? Mobile-friendly? Whether you decide that a few tweaks will be good enough or an entire website redesign is in order, an SEO campaign will be more effective when it is supporting a user-friendly website. Hire a web developer to make sure everything is sound on the back end of the website (updating all themes, plug ins, and security elements). You can even sign up for a monitoring tool like Securi that will scan your website for any threats and alert you if there is an issue.

Add a blog

While you’re making website changes, be sure to add a blog element if you don’t already have one. Ideally, it should be a user-friendly CMS like WordPress, which makes it easy and straightforward for anyone to upload and post blog content on the website. Blogging is an essential component of an SEO campaign so this will need to be done at some point, might as well get it done now so that you can get your content marketing campaign up and running ASAP.

Update your social media profiles

Social media activity isn’t directly tied to organic search rankings, but it’s still a necessary part of the process because it helps indirectly. When you write great SEO content, you want to share it in social media in order to generate traffic and interest in the content initially. If anyone decides to link to this content on their own website, it creates an inbound link that does convey trust to the search engines. If you don’t have social media accounts, now is the time to create them. Or, if you have them, review them to make sure they look good, branding is consistent, and all information is added and up to date.

Get your Google products in line

Google offers some great products for website owners to use for free. Start with Google My Business. Claim and verify the listing and add all relevant information. This is especially important for local businesses, as this listing can appear in the “pack” above organic results for local searches. You’ll also want to verify Google Analytics and Google Search Console. These free tools provide detailed website traffic information and technical information that allows website owners and SEOs to see how campaigns are performing over time.

Whether you’re starting an SEO campaign in-house or outsourcing the work, these are some of the first items that need to be addressed. If you’re outsourcing the work, the SEO firm will be able to dive right into the campaign without needing to spend time on this “set up” work that is creating the best foundation for the entire SEO campaign.

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