Content Strategies You Need to Ditch

Written by Nick Stamoulis

It’s true that content is the backbone of your online marketing efforts, but only if done right. There are some content marketing practices out there that can do more harm than good, especially if they’re outdated. This is especially true for strategies that are also linked to SEO. Here’s a list of content strategies you absolutely need to ditch ASAP!

If you’re stuffing your content with as many keywords as you can, this is an outdated strategy that can cost you. It was common for people to write content especially for the search engines. Now, that’s an outdated practice. While content still should be optimized with keywords, the approach is a lot more reserved. The number one priority is to write articles and blog posts that your visitors will enjoy and let keywords enter into your articles naturally, if at all.

Thinking That the More Pages You Have, the Better

These days, having a site with a lot of pages isn’t necessarily a good thing – not if the majority of those pages are poorly written. Having one hundred pages that are all well written and enjoyable to read is a much better tactic than featuring thousands of pages of low quality content. However, if you have a high number of pages of “quality” content, this is the ideal scenario. How do you know if it’s considered high quality or not? Well, if you feel as if you covered the topic extensively enough to please your site visitors, then that’s a good indication that they’ll consider it to be quality.

Content Marketing Should Be Adaptable

Do you believe that there is a blanket content marketing approach that will work for just about any industry? If so, then you may need to change your thinking. What works for one industry may not necessarily work for yours. Think about what makes your customers “tick” and then find a way to deliver content that will satisfy them. This is not only true for the actual writing of the content, but for the channels of distribution, as well. For example, if your target demographic doesn’t use Twitter, spending a lot of time there won’t be worth your effort.

Creating Content That’s Too Promotional

Do you use your content to promote your business? If so, be careful. Content that is too promotional in nature will turn people away from your brand, not towards it. That’s not to say that you can’t talk about your business at all. The majority of your content should deliver useful information to your customers, such as helping them solve their problems. If you do use content to promote your business, it should be a much smaller percentage. Remember that delivering useful content builds your brand in a positive way. Content that is too “salesy” in nature turns people off. People go online to gather information and solve their problems, not to hear you talk about yourself all the time.

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