Custom SEO Strategies by Brick Marketing

Once you are a full-service SEO client, Brick Marketing will create a fully customized search engine optimization strategy based on the unique needs, objectives and goals of your website. As each website is unique, Brick Marketing will take the time to completely review your website, including conduct a full link audit, in order to establish an SEO baseline. We will then run a full competitive analysis on your top competitors in order to better understand your market space and determine how your site measures up to the competition in terms of online brand presence, link portfolio size and strength, search engine “trust factor” and more.

Brick Marketing believes that you are entitled to a completely transparent SEO strategy. We will not only take the time to create a completely customized SEO strategy, but also explain to you the why behind each component. As a Brick Marketing SEO client, you will be involved in every step of the SEO strategy creation process.

Developing a Search Engine Optimization Strategy for a Newer Site

If your site is between 1 and 5 years old and you haven’t done any previous on-site SEO, either on your own or with another SEO firm, Brick Marketing will get your SEO strategy foundation squared away by starting at square one: reviewing your content.

Brick Marketing will review your site’s content and determine what, if any, changes need to be made. We will then use the Google Keyword Planner Tool to conduct keyword research based on your content and present you with what we have identified as the “best fit” keywords with the most SEO potential for each page. Based on your feedback, 2-5 unique keywords per page will be chosen and incorporated into your website’s content during the onsite optimization process. We understand that new site owners may be a little overwhelmed by the amount of work that goes into developing an SEO strategy for a new site, which is why we will guide you through the process and explain each step as we move through the strategy.

Developing a Search Engine Optimization Strategy for an Established Site

If you are a site owner that has already begun the SEO process, either on your own or in conjunction with another SEO firm, Brick Marketing will focus your SEO strategy on continuous improvement. If a good SEO foundation has already been established, we don’t want to force your site to backtrack and undo all the previous efforts.

Brick Marketing will focus on creating an SEO strategy that works to improve your SEO, continue your upward visitor growth, build more quality links and capitalize on established online relationships with other industry experts, bloggers and associations. We will take your SEO to the next level, not bring it back down to the basics. Brick Marketing is here to be your SEO partner, and we believe that a partner should be someone you feel comfortable with and trust to answer your questions in a clear, concise manner. Brick Marketing is a strictly white hat SEO firm and we have no qualms about explaining every move we make! We know that what we do falls within in the realms of the search engines’ guidelines and is the best way to help your site and SEO succeed in the long run.