Onsite Optimization from Brick Marketing

Page-by-Page Onsite Optimization from Brick Marketing

As previously discussed in the content optimization step of the SEO process, Brick Marketing will provide individual onsite SEO recommendations for each page of your website. Since the search engines rank individual pages in the search results pages and not websites as a whole, it is important to treat each page of your website as a potential landing page. While your homepage may receive the most amount of traffic overall, individual service or product pages may target more specific keywords that can generate a higher conversion rate for your site.

Page-by-page onsite optimization recommendations from Brick Marketing include:

  • Content optimization recommendations
  • Meta tags and title tags copywriting
  • Image tag optimization
  • URL structure development

High Level Onsite Optimization from Brick Marketing

In addition to the page-by-page on site SEO recommendations, Brick Marketing will also provide your company will high level (site wide) onsite SEO recommendations. These site wide changes are meant to improve your website overall from an SEO standpoint and include:

Page load time: Best practice dictates that a properly optimized site should load in under five seconds. A faster speed time not only improves the overall usability of your site, but is also an important ranking factor. Using trusted site speed analysis tools, Brick Marketing will determine how fast or slow your site is loading. If you site is loading at a slower rate we will determine what changes need to be made to help it load faster.

Internal Linking & Navigation: It’s important that a visitor to your site doesn’t get lost while navigating or accidentally click off of your site. Brick Marketing will analyze your current internal linking structure and navigation from both an SEO and usability perspective to determine what, if any, changes need to be made. We will help you identify which related pages should be linked together. Other possible onsite SEO recommendations may include:

  • Creation of a footer
  • Consolidation or creation of pages
  • Top or side level navigation redesign
  • “Connect with Us” social networking buttons placement
  • Lead form placement
  • 301 redirects

Code Analysis: Brick Marketing will take an in-depth look at the code of your site to make sure there are no red flags, sloppy code or coding errors that could negatively impact the long term success of your website.

XML Sitemap: The final step in the onsite optimization process is the creation and submission of an XML sitemap to the search engines. The search engines use your site’s XML sitemap to properly crawl and index each page. If your site does not already have an XML sitemap, Brick Marketing will create one for your site after all other on site SEO changes are in place and live. We can then submit this to Google Webmaster Tools to ensure it is properly crawled.