What is Ad Copy?

Ad copy is a term that refers to the main text of a clickable advertisement, whether it is a contextual or a pay per click ad. The text of the ad copy is generally the second and third lines of an ad displayed on a search engine results page or any other web page, and is between the title and the display URL. Most advertisers use ad copy not only to describe the advertisement, but to also insert the keywords that the ads have been created for. The ad copy is an excellent way not only to describe where the advertisement link leads, but also to make the advertisement seem as persuasive as possible to any visitors who might be interested, as they have already searched for a particular keyword that has brought the ad up.

Ad copy is made up of different elements, all of which are generally slipped into the two or three lines that advertisers are allowed to use for their purposes. It also combines search engine optimization with marketing tactics that are used in all types of advertising, not just pay per click and contextual ads. As long as the advertiser knows the project or business the company is attempting to sell, and has in mind who the key demographic is, ad copy can be written effectively. Some of the marketing tactics and parts of ads included in writing ad copy include:

Credibility - Offering the visitor believability about the product or brand.

Attention - Something that grabs the visitor’s attention such as the keywords or keyword phrases.

Promise of Benefit - Whether it is offering information or just a particular product, the ad copy generally has some promise of benefit for the visitor if he or she clicks on the link.

Action - The goal of ad copy is almost always to get some kind of action or reaction out of the visitor. Whether it is to just visit a landing page, fill out a form, or actually purchase a product, the goal of most ad copy is the same, and involves some kind of action.

Many experts believe that the best ad copy for pay per click advertising contributes to a high conversion rate after the click through is accomplished. To achieve this though, many advertisers will test different ad copy to learn if it is more effective than other versions of a particular ad. Advertisers use tools on major search engines such as Google’s AdWords to create several different versions of the ad copy they intend on using, so that they can test each one to see which has the highest conversion rate. Testing ad copy can also lead to saving money on a particular paid inclusion campaign. If a particular version of the ad is working better than another, the best version can be used for all advertisements to save money on click through rates.

While ad copy is only two or three lines long, it is a very important part of the pay per click advertising package. In the end, it is what catches the visitor’s attention and causes them to either click on the URL to learn more, or simply move on to a different ad or organic result on the search engine results page.

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