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Incorporate SEO into a Website Redesign

Writing by Nick Stamoulis in SEO

A website redesign is recommended every 3-5 years or so, or even less depending on the industry and competitive environment online. It’s important to keep things fresh! The look and feel of a business website tells a lot to prospective customers or clients. If the site looks outdated, it will be assumed that your business practices are outdated along with it. Whether you have invested in SEO in the past or not, there is no better time to begin on site SEO or revisit it than when you redesign or re-launch your website. Here’s why:

The Trust Factor
If it’s time to redesign a business website, it’s probably been around for at least a few years. This will work in your favor for SEO purposes. Aged and established sites, even the ones that aren’t optimized, have a strong search engine trust factor merely because of how long they have been around. Optimizing an established website can result in a vast improvement in the search engines.

Get Pages Ranking Quicker
Typically new pages of content are created for a redesigned website. You could create the content, launch the site, and then think about SEO- but why wait? Spend time optimizing the new content before the new site even goes live. That way, when the site is ready to go and a sitemap is submitted, it will already be optimized and the search engines can start indexing it and ranking it for relevant keywords. You will be able to start collecting visitor data and analyze SEO success from Day 1.

URL Structure Will Be SEO Friendly
There are some pretty ugly URLs out there on business websites that consist of a meaningless string of words and numbers. If this is the case, it’s obvious that user experience and search engine optimization weren’t considered. Changing URL structure can be a headache, so think about how usability and SEO fit into the picture from the start when redesigning a website. Keep the URL structure concise and be sure to include keywords when possible. This helps the search engines determine what the content on the page is and helps qualify the website visitor.

Incorporating SEO into the website redesign process is highly recommended. An SEO expert can make recommendations along the way that ensure that you don’t lose any previous SEO trust. Since you are already working on the website, you might as well spend the extra time on making optimization tweaks in order to get your brand new website seen by target audience members as soon as possible.

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