Technical SEO Audits for SEO Clients

For our full service SEO clients, the very first thing Brick Marketing does is complete a technical SEO audit using a trusted SEO software (Moz, formerly SEOMoz) that is designed to look at your website from a technical point of view, much the way that the search engines would see your website. This SEO software helps us uncover any “behind-the-scenes” issues that need to be corrected or addressed with your SEO campaign.

During a technical SEO audit, Brick Marketing will look for the following things:

  • 404 errors
  • Improper 301 redirects
  • Duplicate content including Meta descriptions and Title tags
  • Page load time analysis
  • Search engine indexing issues
  • Potential black hat SEO penalties
  • And much more!

The technical SEO audit will help Brick Marketing make more informed decisions about your website’s link building campaign, as it will also allow us to see a more complete link building history. Brick Marketing will analyze the health and diversity of your existing link profile, as well as determine the breakdown of your current anchor text usage. If you concerned that the Google Panda update or Google Penguin update has negatively impacted (or might impact in the future) the long term success of your website, it’s important to get a complete look “under the hood” of your website including your link portfolio, onsite SEO, webpage content and more with a thorough technical SEO audit. Brick Marketing President and Founder Nick Stamoulis, along with your dedicated SEO specialist, will analyze the back end of your website to uncover any black or grey hat SEO tactics that might result in a Google penalty for your site.

Tn addition to the SEO software we use (Moz, formerly SEOMoz), Brick Marketing will also use your own site’s Google Webmaster Tools account and Google Analytics account (provided you have them in place) during the technical SEO audit to determine any potential issues and opportunities for your SEO campaign to leverage.

Brick Marketing will provide a technical SEO audit document that outlines the potential issues hurting your site and next step recommendations to repair your website’s search engine reputation and save your SEO. We will thoroughly review this technical SEO audit and subsequent recommendations over the phone and web with you and your in-house team during the onsite optimization phase of your full service SEO solution. Brick Marketing also has the in-house capabilities to implement the recovery strategy on your behalf.