B2B SEO Services: SEO for B2B Websites

Although many of the general principles and best practices are the same as B2C SEO, a B2B company looking for B2B SEO services understands that SEO is about so much more than just getting to the top of Google or Bing. A B2B SEO campaign should focus not just on growing your back link portfolio, but also on building your brand authority, creating thought leadership content designed to walk your prospects through every stage the buying cycle, connecting with industry leaders with the help of social media marketing, establishing your brand as true market leader and more. Because most B2B sales cycles are much longer than the average B2C cycle, your SEO campaign needs to account, plan for and adapt to this.

As a B2B SEO agency, Brick Marketing offers the following SEO services for B2B websites:

  • B2B SEO Strategy and Competitive Research – How does your current online presence stack up against your top competitors? Where are the holes in their B2B SEO strategies that can become valuable opportunities for your own brand? Brick Marketing will create a custom B2B SEO strategy for your website based on your unique challenges, needs and long term goals to help you stand out in your niche.
  • B2B SEO Keyword Research – Since the B2B sales cycle is so long and because potential clients are much more likely to do their own research long before they ever directly interact with your B2B company, having a powerful and pervasive online presence thanks to your SEO efforts is more important than ever. Brick Marketing will conduct keyword research on a page-by-page basis throughout your entire site and find the most appropriate keywords that target your specific audience (including both influencers and decision makers) and appeal to them at various steps in the buying cycle.
  • B2B Website Optimization – Brick Marketing can work with your internal team to optimize and update your current website using the newly targeted keywords we found during the keyword research phase of your B2B SEO services campaign. Using WordPress, Drupal or whatever other CMS your team uses we can help with website optimization, the redesign process, content consolidation and more. We understand the internal red tape that often comes with many B2B websites and we’re proud to become your B2B SEO champions.
  • B2B SEO Link Building – Building links isn’t enough for a B2B SEO campaign. You have to build the right links from the right sites to get the right kind of visitor over to your site. Brick Marketing can research and take advantage of valuable link building opportunities you may be leaving on the table as well as help integrate all your other marketing effort into your link building strategy.
  • B2B Social Media Marketing – B2B social media marketing thrives on content. Let Brick Marketing handle the content promotion aspect of your B2B social media campaign to build links and social signals, help you connect with your target audience and other industry thought leaders and more.
  • Demand Generation SEO – Are you a new B2B company poised to revolutionize your industry? Brick Marketing understands the unique situation your company is in—you need to introduce your exclusive keywords into your niche’s lexicon while still growing your business using current terminology. We can help you balance your demand generation SEO to achieve both goals.
  • B2B SEO Reporting – At the end of each month your dedicated SEO specialist will run various B2B SEO reports including organic traffic growth, social sources, completed link building reports and more so you can see exactly what kind of impact your B2B SEO campaign is having on your site!

White Hat SEO Approach – Brick Marketing is a strict white hat SEO firm. We closely follow the Google Webmaster Guidelines and Bing Webmaster Guidelines. We follow very strict white hat link building practices as indicated by Google here.

As a B2B company ourselves, Brick Marketing understands the unique challenges that come with a B2B SEO campaign. As a B2B SEO services agency, Brick Marketing has worked with dozens of B2B clients over the years in a variety of industries including companies in the following B2B industries: software, manufacturing, professional business services, IT, technology, industrial, biotech, healthcare, commercial construction and much more. Read about several Brick Marketing B2B SEO client case studies here.