Want Natural Links? Here’s How to Get Them

Written by Nick Stamoulis

“Natural inbound links” is a common phrase in the SEO link building world. Natural links are links that occur “naturally”; another website owner decides to link over to your website on their own website. You don’t ask for the link or create the link yourself by contributing content/a directory listing/etc. on their site. However, we think that calling these links “natural” is a little deceiving. While there might not be a direct conversation or interaction with the other website, the link doesn’t magically appear. There’s still a lot of work that goes into achieving these “natural” links, it’s just a little less direct. If you want “natural” inbound links, here’s what you need to be doing:

Invest in a great website

No matter what industry you’re in or who your target audience is, there’s no excuse today to have an outdated, poorly designed website. If your website looks old or isn’t user-friendly, the chances of earning natural inbound links drops drastically. There are just too many other better sites out there for website owners to link to a yucky looking site, even if the actual content is good. Invest in professional web design and ensure that it’s user-friendly.

Write great content

It’s a proven fact, the websites that publish informative, high-quality content on a regular basis via their blog receive more inbound links than those that don’t. That’s because informative content is what people are going to link over to in order to enhance their own content. Very few website owners will link over to your primary product/service pages, but many more will link over to a well-researched blog post that will be of interest to their audience. If you don’t have the resources to publish great content in-house, consider outsourcing to a trusted, native speaking content writer.

Build a strong brand

A great website and great content are, well, great, but you really need even more than that in order to generate links. If nobody knows who you are, why would they link over to you? Having a strong brand makes it more likely for others to link over to you. Online, an important way to build your brand is via social media. Create social media profiles, keep them updated with great content, and even invest in social advertising in order to put your brand name in front of target audience members.

Form relationships

Online networking is just as important as offline networking, possibly even more important from a link building perspective. Just as people are more likely to link to the website of a company/brand they know, they’re also more likely to link to the website represented by a person that they know. Spend time building relationships with online influencers in your industry. Share their content in social media to get noticed and maybe they’ll return the favor.

As you can see, “natural” isn’t so natural. There’s a lot of work that goes into achieving these links, but it’s time and effort well spent since inbound links from trusted, industry sources weigh so heavily in the search engine algorithms.

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