Is Your SEO Program On Autopilot?

Written by Nick Stamoulis

There are plenty of SEO tools and software programs out there that can help automate some of the aspects of your SEO program, freeing up your valuable time so you can focus more on other SEO-related tasks like content creation and blogger outreach that can’t (and shouldn’t) be automated. I’m all for finding new ways to be more efficient and maximize the return for my time, but site owners need to be careful that they don’t get mistake efficiency for complacency. You want to streamline your SEO program, but don’t put it on autopilot.

What does an SEO program on autopilot look like?

1. Sending the same outreach email to every blogger you find.

A good SEO program should have a strong content marketing campaign embedded in it, and guest blogging is a big part of any content marketing strategy. That being said, if you want any chance of getting a guest blogging opportunity on a respected blog then you shouldn’t automate your outreach mails. A formula is fine, but at least take the time to personalize the email with the blogger’s name, a few comments about some of their recent posts and why you think your content is a good fit for their site. A popular industry blog might get dozens of emails a day asking about guest blogging posts and most bloggers can spot a generic or mass-send email a mile away. You only get once chance to make a first impression so make it count!

2. Only going after the easy-win links.

Link building is still a valuable component of any SEO program, but Google’s crackdown on web spam in 2012 means good link building isn’t as simple as building links wherever you can find them. Easy-win links might look nice on a monthly report (Look at all the work you did!) but their long-term value usually doesn’t amount to much. I know that link building often gets pushed to the backburner, even more so as it gets harder to find good links, but if you only go after the easy-win links don’t be surprised when your link building efforts and impact flat line.

3. Creating profiles on industry sites and forums but never fully developing your presence.

As part of our white hat link building service for full service clients the Brick Marketing team researches industry sites and forums that are not only a great source of an link but also a good way to build our client’s online presence. We usually create the profile for our clients but recommend they do the actual engagement, especially if their product is highly specialized. We may know a lot about their business but they know even more and can have real, meaningful conversations and insights to offer on these sites. A client that puts their SEO program on autopilot never bothers to invest in these profiles and end up wasting a valuable opportunity. Just because you hire an SEO firm that doesn’t mean you get to wash your hands of SEO completely! A good site can give your SEO program so much more than just one link.

4. Building a set minimum or maximum amount of links each month.

I once had a prospective client tell me they only wanted the Brick Marketing team to build 75 links a month—no more, no less. While I can understand the want to be assured a minimum number of links each month, I couldn’t for the life of me understand why they would want to put a cap on their link building! If a blog post got heavily shared on social media and was generating a ton of links what were we supposed to do? Pull it so it stops attracting links? The best link building campaign take advantage of every linking opportunity you find, including the natural links that happen over time. Putting a cap on the number of links your SEO program ca have each month is just going to stunt your success!

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