SEO Clients are Also Responsible for Results

Written by Nick Stamoulis

When a company decides that it wants to improve its website visibility in the search engines it has a couple of options. A larger corporation that has the budget to do so may consider hiring an in house SEO Specialist. Since that isn’t an option for many businesses, alternate options are to have current employees execute SEO or to outsource to an SEO agency. Since it’s likely that current employees already have their plates full, outsourcing is often the best option. However, what businesses need to understand is that an SEO firm can’t “do it all”. In order to be successful, the relationship between an SEO firm and client needs to be viewed as a team- both parties working towards a common goal together. An SEO firm has the SEO knowledge, but the client has the industry knowledge.

Throughout an SEO campaign, SEO clients are responsible for:

Providing feedback

An SEO campaign involves many steps. It’s best practice to complete one step before moving on to the next in order to keep things progressing as they should. An SEO firm will complete each task and then ask for feedback before going forward. It’s possible that keywords that were selected may not be the right fit which is why all recommended keywords need to be reviewed thoroughly and approved before any on site recommendations can be made.

Implementing changes

An SEO firm will go through your website page by page making content optimization recommendations. Ultimately it is the client’s decision to make changes or not. Unless a recommendation is really off base, it’s best to go with the recommendations. If you don’t make the changes to your website or only make some of the changes, it isn’t going to have the same effect.

Creating content

Content is a huge component of an SEO campaign. Content is what ranks in the search engines and gets shared in social media. If you have contracted your SEO firm to also create content for you, that’s great. However, many clients opt to do this part on their own. The SEO firm can only make optimization recommendations to content that is actually being created. SEO clients often say that they’ll create content and incorporate keywords and links, but then things get busy and it gets pushed to the side which limits SEO campaign success.

Understanding the process

SEO results aren’t going to happen overnight. In fact it usually takes up to 6 months to see any sort of improvement, and more in a very competitive niche. If an SEO client doesn’t understand this concept they will have unrealistic expectations and become frustrated within a few months’ time and give up.

Integrating with other marketing efforts

A company should never rely solely on SEO in order to generate leads and sales. It’s important to continue to execute other marketing initiatives as well. These marketing efforts can help fuel an SEO strategy. If you exhibit at a trade show, you can create an optimized press release about it. Sponsorships can also get you inbound links. It’s important to always have SEO on the brain and think of ways to leverage what you are doing into SEO wins.

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