5 Signs You’re Over-thinking Your SEO Strategy

Written by Nick Stamoulis

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5 Signs Youre Over Thinking Your SEO StrategyWith each algorithm change, Google has website users fearful of the future. When will the next change be? How will that impact your website? The end result of this fear is that it’s all too easy to make things more complicated than they need to be.

Don’t fall into this trap! Here are five of the most common signs that you’re over-thinking your SEO strategy:

You Didn’t Focus Enough Resources on Quality Content

These days, it is better to write one really good article than twenty inferior articles. Since users value useful content more than shoddily written content, so do the search engines. Websites that have a high percentage of quality content are rewarded in the search engines.

You Use an Expensive Keyword Tool

Don’t let the marketing hype surrounding popular keyword tools sway you into using them. Most of these keyword tools are not only expensive; they fall short in some way. They also may employ “black hat” strategies without your knowledge. Rather than fall into this trap, consider using Google’s tools, such as their Keyword Planner. Not only are their tools comprehensive, they are also free.

Your SEO Firm Convinced You It Was Too Complicated

Many SEO firms try to make themselves look good by making SEO sound too complicated. Though hiring a good firm can seriously boost your rankings in the search engines, letting them convince you that it’s too much for you to handle creates the sense that achieving the rankings you desire is out of reach. Instead, look for a company that has a track record of proven results and also keeps you in the loop in concerning strategy and overall results.

You Have Too Many Inbound Links

In the past, the more inbound links your site had, the better your rankings were. So, website owners spent a lot of time collecting as many links as possible. Not only is this strategy time consuming, it can also do more harm than good. It is much better for your site to have fewer links, as long as they are from relevant authority sites in your niche. To do this, your best strategy is to post quality, relevant content on your site.

You Have Too Many Social Profiles

Do you have a profile with every social network you can think of? It is much better to focus on building your social presence on the major social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In, rather than setting up profiled with every network out there. In fact, having too many social profiles can hurt your overall strategy. It is much better for the search engines to see you with a lot of followers at two or three of social networks, rather than a fewer amount of followers at a larger number of sites.

Finding the best SEO strategy for your website can take a lot of trial and error. However, you want the efforts you do put in to help, not harm, your SEO strategy.


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