The Pros and Cons of an In House SEO Expert

Written by Nick Stamoulis

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While most small businesses can’t afford to hire an in-house SEO expert, for some larger brands it might actually make more sense than hiring an SEO company. It might sound strange hearing that from an SEO provider but I’ve always believed in working with clients that we’re a good fit for and not every business is. Depending on your budget, time schedule and SEO needs an in-house SEO expert might be worth the investment.

Are you thinking of hiring someone in-house for your SEO? Here are two pros of hiring an in-house SEO expert:

1. An in-house SEO expert dedicates 100% of their time to your company.

While a good SEO company shouldn’t be playing three card monte with the time they spend working on your SEO campaign, chances are they do have other clients and that means your site’s SEO is not always going to be their priority. An in-house SEO expert is there to work on your SEO and your SEO alone, no distractions or other commitments to worry about.

2. An in-house SEO expert can be an internal SEO champion.

It’s a lot easier to get all your departments on board with SEO when someone is physically working with your other employees day in and day out.  An in-house SEO expert understands the chains of command and red tape of your business and can easily identify where the bottlenecks are that might hold up your SEO campaign. Since they are physically in the office everyday they can help push things along and ensure that all the wheels are turning smoothly.

Here are two cons of hiring an in-house SEO expert:

1. They are the only ones working on your SEO.

Ever heard the expression that two heads are better than one? If your in-house SEO expert is the only one working on your SEO that might limit how much work they can do and what kind of impact the work will have. Think about it like this—how much more content could you produce for your blog if you have three writers versus one?

How much faster would the keyword research process go if you had several people working on it? A good in-house SEO expert should be able to keep multiple projects moving at once, but they are only one person after all so it might take a little while to get everything moving ahead at full steam.

2. They might not be an expert in everything you need.

Working with one in-house SEO expert means you get one person’s experience. They might have a really strong background in traditional link building but maybe they aren’t the best writer. Or maybe they really understand how social media and SEO work together but aren’t as comfortable with managing a PPC campaign. There are people out there that know a little bit about everything that go into SEO, but it’s hard to find someone that is equally skilled in every sub-segment.

One other thing to keep in mind when deciding between an in-house SEO expert or hiring an SEO company is cost. Some SEO firms might have a pretty heft monthly fee associated with their services, but you don’t have to pay for healthcare or paid vacation time for a partner like you would an employee.


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