5 Things to Do When Curating Content for Social Media

Written by Nick Stamoulis

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Online marketing is about content. Specifically in the B2B sector, content is what gains brand visibility and generates leads. Every company should be creating content, publishing it on the company blog, and sharing it in social media. Of course, creating quality content is no easy task. It requires time and resources. That’s why it’s recommended to supplement your own content and links in social media with links to content that was created by others that will also benefit your target audience and social media followers. In addition to keeping your social accounts active, content curation is a way to spread “goodwill” in social media. If you are sharing the work of others, they will be more likely to share your content with their followers, which will expand your network.

Here are 5 things to do when curating content for social media:

Read what you share

Content curation doesn’t take as long as content creation, but you still need to dedicate more than a few seconds a day to it. Just because the headline and intro paragraph looks good, doesn’t mean that you should automatically hit that “Share” button. Be sure to read everything that you share word for word. Skimming isn’t good enough. Maybe the actual content isn’t the best match for your audience or it mentions a tactic that your company doesn’t believe in or quotes a competitor. You won’t know any of these things unless you take the time to actually read it through.

Be open-minded

Don’t limit your pool of sources to curate content from. Sure, the big industry publications should be a “go to”, but it’s likely that everyone else in your industry is sharing this content too. If you want to share something different, you’ll have to do some additional digging. Don’t be afraid to share the great article published by that lesser known company or blogger. They’ll certainly appreciate it!

Recognize the author

Give the author of the content you share a “shout out” by mentioning their social handle in the post. That way, they get notified when their work is shared. You might get a new follow out of it and they could return the favor by sharing your content down the road.

Add a personal touch

It’s OK to post the title of an article and a link, but it’s a little boring. What were your thoughts on the article? Why did you decide to share it? Add a quick little blurb to the post. Because of Twitter’s character limit, utilize a URL shortening tool to give yourself a little bit of extra space.

Keep it in check

Content curation is a good thing to do, but keep in mind that your followers decided to follow YOU. They want to know what you have to say, where your expertise lies, who your employees (writers) are, etc. Maintain a good balance of your own content and curated content, and always make your own content the top priority.


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