Content Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

Written by Nick Stamoulis

Well-optimized content is something that will help your pages rank in search engine results. SEO relies on good content that includes keywords and key phrases. In turn, this will bring more traffic to your website and increase conversions and revenues. Learning how to create content that ranks high and appeals to your target audience will benefit everyone. Here are a few mistakes you want to avoid when creating content for your website:

Failing to Proofread

Even the best writer needs to proofread their work before posting. This seems like a small thing, but spelling errors and grammar mistakes can take an informative piece of content and make it appear less credible. To avoid these errors, set your piece aside for a day or two and look at it again with fresh eyes. It’s easier to spot typos when you haven’t read it for a while. Take a couple of minutes to run your piece of content through a spelling and grammar checker as well. By failing to proofread, you may unintentionally be hurting both your credibility and your ranking.

Failing to promote your content

When you post new content, you should make it a habit to share it across all social media platforms your business has an account with. If you put out a newsletter, include new content there as well. Doing this will get more eyes on your content. If someone likes the content enough, they may even share it with their own followers or forward it to friends or family. Never miss an opportunity to share your new content, but don’t overdo it by sharing it multiple times a day.

Failing to include a variety of media

Text content is a great way to share information with your target audience, but text-only content can be monotonous to read, especially if the content is long. Breaking up paragraphs with images related to the content can help to keep your audience’s attention for longer. If you have the skills to create infographics, this is also a fun way to share information that isn’t just blocks of paragraphs.

Infographics are also more likely to be shared as they are visually appealing. When you are creating a text-only piece of content, consider ideas other than straight paragraphs. Using subheadings is one way to break up text. Lists are another way to break up otherwise long paragraphs. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your written content.

Failing to add meta information

When you post content, you should always make sure to include SEO elements. This includes things such as a meta description and title. Create an eye-catching title that is also relevant to the content. Your meta description should describe the content in a way that makes people want to read it in 150 characters or less.

Posting new content is one of the best things a website owner can do to drive traffic to your website. When you increase traffic, you have the potential to increase conversions and revenues.

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