Questions to Answer While Developing a Blog Strategy

Written by Nick Stamoulis

If you’re just getting started with blogging, the first step is obviously to hire a developer to integrate a blog platform with an easy to use CMS into your website. As the developer is working on that, you should get started on creating a blog strategy. Once the blog is up and running it’s in your best interest to start utilizing it ASAP.

Here are some questions that you should answer as you develop a blog strategy:

Who’s in charge?

For a smaller company, it might just be one person that handles all aspects of blogging. They brainstorm the topics, write the posts, edit the posts, publish the posts, distribute the posts, and monitor activity. They are a one-person show! But if your company has the manpower and resources, it can be beneficial to include the expertise and opinions of multiple writers to ensure that the blog is well rounded. If that’s the case, there ideally should be one point person calling the shots to keep the blog content and schedule organized.

Who is writing for you?

Obviously the best-case scenario is that you have in house team members that are also good writers that can contribute to the blog and have time to do so. Your in house team has the best knowledge of your industry and the products and services that you offer. If this isn’t the case (which is common), you’ll need to supplement the blog with posts that are written by an outsourced writer in order to keep the blog active and relevant. Do your research when looking for a writer and always keep in mind that you get what you pay for.

Who are you writing for?

Who is the target audience of your blog? A blog should cater to a specific niche so that the blog visitor can immediately recognize the type of information that can be found on the blog. Your blog content might not appeal to everyone, but that’s OK! It’s not supposed to! As long as your target audience can find useful information in your blog posts, that’s all that matters.

How much time can you realistically commit to blogging?

The more quality content that you can publish on the blog, the better off you will be. But you need to be realistic about what is feasible. If blogging is just one of many responsibilities of your one person marketing staff, daily blog posting isn’t realistic. However, if you have the staff or the resources to outsource it might be more do-able. A high quality blog post takes time to write, keep this in mind when setting your expectations.

What will your posts look like?

What types of content are you going to post on the blog? Remember, your target audience likely is interested in a variety of content types. Don’t be afraid to include videos, infographics, and images as appropriate. When it comes to blog articles, determine what the word length should be. For some posts, short and to the point may be appropriate. For others, it may require in depth research and analysis.

Where will posts be distributed and how will they be monitored?

Writing and publishing the posts is just step one. If you want the content to be seen, don’t forget about determining where it will be shared. Which social channels? Which email distribution list? Once it’s been shared you’ll also need to decide who will monitor the post for comments and feedback that needs to be responded to.

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