The Best SEO Firms Practice What They Preach

Written by Nick Stamoulis

One of our employees was at a recent SEO roundtable discussion where an inquiring mind asked “how do you find the best SEO company?” Another member of the discussion replied by saying “look at the company’s SEO. It’s like hiring a personal trainer; you would want to look for someone who was in good shape.”  The truth is the best SEO firms are ones that take the same advice they give to their clients and apply them to their own business.  When going through the hiring process, you will want to make sure the company you hire to help with your online marketing does a good job of marketing themselves.

Here are 3 things to look for when choosing an SEO firm to handle your search engine optimization:

Search Rankings

When you started your preliminary research on SEO firms, you most likely used Google, Bing, or another search engine. Where did the SEO firms you are considering end up on the search engine results page (SERP)? Chances are the best firms are ones who rank as close to number 1 on the page as possible. Just by typing in “SEO firm” or “SEO services” you will be given thousands of choices to choose from. The best SEO firms will stand out in the search rankings. These firms will have optimized their Meta information including the page’s Meta description that serves as the preview of their site in the SERP. If you can’t get a good read on an SEO firm right off the bat from a search engine result, move along.

Web Content

As part of your overall search engine optimizations strategy, your SEO firm is going to recommend that you have good quality content on your website. Just by taking a quick look at a potential firm’s website, look to see what you can gather from each web page. Check to make sure the content is well written and cohesive. If the website is just your standard five-page site with contact information, think twice before pursuing the company any further. A site that ranks well will have multiple pages of great content. Additionally, take a look at the company’s blog to see how often they post blog articles. The best SEO companies will have a blog post go live at least once a day.

Social Signals

Social media activity (also known as social signals) play a large part in a site’s overall SEO. Are your potential SEO firms on the major social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn? Can you find links to their social profiles easily on their website? The best SEO firms will not only have multiple social profiles including a Google+ page, they will be actively engaged on multiple platforms posting content on a regular basis. If you hopped on Twitter and found your prospective firm’s Twitter profile but noticed that they haven’t tweeted anything in about a week, you may want to steer clear. You want an SEO firm that can recommend that remain active and engaged on social media, but also set an example on the right types of social engagement.

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