Full Service Social SEO Solutions

Over the last few years it’s become increasingly obvious that SEO and social media have begun to converge online. Keeping your social media and SEO teams separate no longer makes sense, and could actually hinder your online marketing efforts in the long run. That’s why Brick Marketing has developed a hybrid of the two disciplines to create a social SEO service for our clients.

It’s very easy to fragment your online marketing into individual silos, which usually means things aren’t being properly leveraged and integrated across platforms. This can confuse your target audience as the messaging is diluted and inconsistent. With Brick Marketing’s social SEO solution, there is no division of labor. But cutting out the middle man, we are able to pull all your various Internet marketing tactics together and develop a more integrated campaign.

Brick Marketing’s social SEO solutions provides a combination of our full service link building services, content marketing services and social media marketing management services all rolled into one. Our social SEO services are perfect for companies that need both SEO and social media marketing help, but want to keep everything under one roof. Our social SEO solution offers your company the benefits a fully staffed, integrated in-house marketing team for a fraction of the cost.

Social SEO Services FOR:

  • Companies looking to outsource both their SEO and social media marketing.
  • Marketing profesionals that need help developing and implementing their business’s social media marketing and SEO campaign.
  • Companies that want to consolidate their SEO and social media marketing services.
  • Companies that want to better integrate their social media marketing and SEO.

While we do offer full service SEO and social media management as independent services, Brick Marketing has found that the two disciplines often work best when developed hand-in-hand.

Social SEO Solutions 3 Phase Approach

Social SEO Solutions Phase 1 – On-Site SEO

Before we can begin to develop any off-site SEO, Brick Marketing will first complete an on-site optimization of your website. We will develop customized SEO recommendations and changes to your website to make it better in the eyes of the search engines and your target audience alike.

Social SEO Solutions Phase 2 – Link Building

Once the on-site optimization is completed, Brick Marketing will run a link audit on your site and develop a 12 month link building strategy. We take a strictly white hat approach to link building and research your industry online and develop one-way links that point towards your site from valuable and diverse sources.

Social SEO Solutions Phase 3 – Social Media Marketing Management and Content Marketing

No SEO or social media marketing campaign would be complete without social media marketing and content marketing strategies designed to help your company position itself as an industry expert and connect with your target audience. Brick Marketing will develop and manage your social presence, as well as create and promote unique and engaging content designed to build your brand.