SEO Consulting for Full Service SEO Clients

Brick Marketing understands that your business, website and SEO goals are constantly evolving to keep pace with the times and the needs and demands of your customers. An SEO strategy that made sense at the beginning of the year might not be the most appropriate or effective 6-9 months down the road if the direction of your business has evolved. Part of having a successful SEO campaign involves being able to roll with the punches and adjust direction as it makes sense for your business. That is why Brick Marketing offers our full service SEO clients additional SEO consulting services as part of our full service SEO solution.

Our SEO consulting services are perfect for our full service SEO clients that:

  • Are undergoing a major website redesign to ensure that any previous SEO work is properly transferred to the new site.
  • Suspect they may be suffering from a search engine penalty, either manual or algorithmic, and need help uncovering why. .
  • Need additional SEO guidance when launching a company blog.
  • Recently hired new employees that need to be brought up to speed with regards to SEO.
  • Want to take their content marketing or social SEO to the next level and need help creating a strategy to do so.
  • Additional custom SEO consulting type projects are welcome for all full service SEO clients!

Any additional SEO consulting will be handled by both Nick Stamoulis as well as your campaign’s dedicated SEO specialist to ensure that there as few holdups and hiccups to your SEO campaign as possible. Brick Marketing is dedicated to your business’s long term success and we understand that things are bound to change! Our custom SEO consulting service for full service clients is designed to help you effectively navigate and survive these changes with your online brand and SEO intact.