Article Marketing for SEO by Brick Marketing

Article marketing often forms the backbone of many long-term SEO link building campaigns. Producing quality content on a consistent basis is one of the best ways a site can grow its brand and earn the trust of the search engines. The more valuable a piece of content is the more likely is it to get shared and linked to, thus enhancing your link portfolio. Article marketing is one of the many link building services full service SEO clients can expect from Brick Marketing each month.

Brick Marketing, with your company’s guidance, will take the time to learn your industry through and through so we can create informative, educational and valuable articles that we can then leverage for your SEO. We have expert in-house writers that will manually write custom articles each month for your company as part of a full-service SEO link building campaign. These articles are usually 500+ words in length and will be properly optimized for SEO so they include your targeted keywords and anchor text to promote your link building. We will never publish an article without your approval! You have the final say on what content is created and published in your name. We are also happy to optimize and promote articles that you write in-house if you prefer to approach your article marketing that way.

As a strictly white hat SEO firm, Brick Marketing believes in the power of online article marketing but does not practice article spinning. We will not take one of your articles and submit it to a dozen different low-quality article submission sites just to get another link. We believe that article marketing should be about brand building and establishing your site as an industry authority for potential clients. We will research the best possible distribution sites for your content, including niche industry sites, while following all search engine guidelines.

As your link building campaign progresses, Brick Marketing will look into potential guest blogging opportunities on industry sites. We will work to identify new places to submit your content on sites that target your target audience.