Link Bait Strategies from Brick Marketing

For previously optimized website and full-service SEO clients that already have a year or two of link building under their belt, Brick Marketing can help your produce unique link bait strategies designed to take your link building campaign to the next level.

Google’s Matt Cutts defines link bait as anything "interesting enough to catch people's attention." It is a piece of content (article, report, video, infographic, etc) that has been specifically designed to capture the attention of your industry and target market. Link bait can be shocking, funny, entertaining, controversial or educational—whatever it takes to get people talking about (and linking to) your content and site.

In order to create a successful link bait strategy, Brick Marketing will take the time to research your industry and see what other kind of link bait strategies have proven successful. Does your industry respond better to infographics or text-based reports? What topics do the most shared pieces of link bait focus on? What niches have yet to be covered that could prove valuable in the long run?

We will also indentify the most valuable methods of promotion for your link bait. A piece of link bait is only useful if people can find it easily! This could involve a combination of social media marketing, blogger outreach, promotional content like online PR and more.