E-Commerce SEO Services

The success of your e-commerce site is dependent upon potential customers finding the products that you offer in an online search. While it’s important to retain current customers, it’s necessary to gain new customers via non-branded search in order to grow your business. Brick Marketing offers e-commerce SEO services to e-commerce businesses of all sizes and across all industries and can help you achieve more website traffic and conversions and improve your brand visibility across the web. We will work with you to integrate all of your other marketing efforts including promotions, advertisements, email newsletters, and PPC into your e-commerce SEO campaign.

E-Commerce SEO: Brick Marketing takes a customized two phase e-commerce SEO approach.

E-Commerce SEO Phase 1 – On-Site Optimization

Before optimizing your e-commerce website, it’s important to achieve a better understanding of your specific e-commerce SEO needs in order to develop a customized approach since no two e-commerce sites are the same. We will spend time reviewing your website, current conversion rates, and current marketing strategy. Depending on the size of your e-commerce website, it may not be appropriate to optimize every single product page since inventory may always be changing. We will help you determine which product pages should be optimized individually. Typically, these are the product pages that have the highest sales volume. The key to performing well in the search engines is to integrate the right keywords and keyword phrases into your website content. In order to find these keywords, it’s necessary to conduct keyword research to understand the intent of your target audience. Once keyword research has been completed and the most relevant two to five keywords per page have been chosen, we will make on-site optimization recommendations by implementing these keywords naturally into the content and meta tags for each page.

E-Commerce SEO Phase 2 – Ongoing White Hat SEO Link Building

Phase two of an e-commerce SEO campaign involves developing and executing a strategic ongoing white hat link building campaign. Relevant inbound links support a well-optimized e-commerce website by establishing search engine trust over time. Inbound links help to improve a website’s performance in the search engines and improve brand visibility across the web. Before developing a link building strategy, it’s important to have a better understanding of an e-commerce website’s current link portfolio by conducting a link audit. We will analyze your current back links and the back links of your main e-commerce competitors to discover new linking opportunities. We will than create a twelve month link building strategy that consists of article marketing, press release distribution, blog commenting, business profile creation, and video marketing. We will spend time researching the most relevant e-commerce directories, industry sites, and social networks to submit content to.

Each month, we will review the success of your e-commerce SEO campaign based on website and conversion growth and make changes to the link building strategy as necessary.