Directory Submissions by Brick Marketing

Brick Marketing has found there is still value to be had in manual directory submissions, providing they don’t form the cornerstone of our clients’ link building campaigns. There are several aged and trusted general website directory sites that can provide valuable inbound links for your site. We will make sure your site is properly submitted and listed. Brick Marketing will also research relevant industry directories and high-level general directories to submit your site to.

In order to determine if a directory submission can provide our full-service SEO clients with any real link building value, Brick Marketing uses a variety of trusted tools to “scope out” any directory we are considering submitting a client’s site to. First and foremost, we make sure that it is based in the US, is aged and trusted by the search engines and receives a good amount of traffic each month. We also make sure it has not been flagged by the search engines as a spam site and isn’t just a link farm created by a black hat SEO company to boost their own clients’ link portfolios.

Any paid directory submissions outlined in your link building strategy are included in the monthly cost of Brick Marketing's full service SEO solutions, but we will target a mix of free and paid directory submission sites. Directory submissions are sometimes considered "outdated" link building techniques, but they are still a valuable component of a long term, diverse link building strategy. Our full service clients can count on Brick Marketing to submit their site to the most relevant and valuable online directories available.