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The Value of Good Content Writing

Writing by Nick Stamoulis in Content Marketing

Content is the foundation of everything that you do online. If you don’t have good content on your website, visitors will quickly bounce out of there and be on to the next site. If you don’t have good content spread throughout the web, your SEO and link building efforts will fail. And, if you don’t have good social media content, nobody will share, re-tweet, or “Like” it and you will never be able to build up your brand. Since content creation is no easy task, many companies will outsource the work. Unfortunately some business owners believe that outsourcing means “cheap”. Why would anyone ever think that content should be inexpensive? Content is a key factor of success and if you think that it should be cheap, you’re crazy.

This is just one opinion, but a piece of good, quality content is worth $50 to $200 and sometimes even more. It really depends on the nature of the piece and the length. Obviously the cost of a few 400 word articles or press releases is different than the cost of developing a 20 page whitepaper. Businesses that don’t “get it” will scoff at the price and ultimately make mistakes that will end up costing them in the end.

One mistake that is commonly made is hiring a writer that isn’t located in your country and doesn’t speak your native language as their first language. Based on cost alone, this strategy is a no brainer. Pay $100 for an article or $15? Businesses that aren’t really thinking things through will automatically jump at the $15 option just to cut costs. However, you get what you pay for. What you’ll probably end up getting by hiring an overseas content writer is a bunch of misspellings, grammar errors, and stolen content; all of which will damage your brand reputation. Trust us when we say that the extra $85 is well worth it.

Just as bad as hiring a foreign based content writer is passing the responsibility over to an intern. While they may have a better mastery of the language, do they really have enough knowledge and are they really going to take it seriously? The overall nature of interns is that they view their job as temporary and don’t care all that much. They do it to put something on their resume or to fill a requirement to graduate. Since they aren’t getting paid (or are getting paid very little) there are hundreds of things that they’d rather be spending their time doing.

If you’re going to outsource your content writing, be wary of anything offered for less than $50. It’s probably going to be of poor quality and not worth it. In addition, make sure that your content writer has some knowledge of what they are writing about. If the content doesn’t meet your target audience’s needs, it’s useless.

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