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Twitter for Business Best Practice Tips

Writing by Nick Stamoulis in Social Media

Twitter can be an invaluable online marketing tool if it’s used properly on behalf of a business. In addition to visiting a business website, people tend to also check out business social pages to learn more. While business websites include lots of static information, a business social media stream can give a different kind of insight about a business or brand. Twitter has millions of users, so it’s likely that your target audience is spending some time there. Twitter brand pages are public, so even if someone isn’t actually using Twitter they can still find your page and look at the content that you share.

When using Twitter on behalf of a business it’s important to consider these best practice tips:

Create a branded page

You don’t want your company Twitter page to look like an individual page. It should be customized in every way possible by including the company logo and branded color schemes. Include a brief company description that includes keywords and a link back to your website.

Understand hashtags

This is an area where many businesses tend to get confused. “What are hashtags and how do we use them?” Hashtags designate an important keyword within the content and can be used to search within Twitter. See how others in the industry are using hashtags and search for hashtags within Twitter to see what comes up and how to use it. You can even create your own hashtag if it makes sense to do so. For example, you could create an event related hashtag if you are running the event.

Follow to be followed

One way to get noticed in social media and to get followers is to follow others. Of course, you don’t want to just start following people at random. Seek out people that are in your industry or in related industries or have interests that are in line with what you have to offer.


Social media is about being social and sharing with one another. Think of it like pre-school. If you were the kid that hogged all of the toys you probably didn’t have many friends. Don’t be that kid in the social media world. As they say, “sharing is caring.” By sharing the work of others you are increasing the chances that they will share your work as well.

Link to a mobile friendly site

A huge percentage of people that use Twitter are accessing it from a mobile device. If you are sharing links back to your site, the content should be able to load quickly on a mobile browser. People want information quickly and will be frustrated if the link that you share in Twitter brings them to a slow loading desktop version of a site that they can barely read.

Check analytics

Check your website analytics to see what content is generating visitors to your site from Twitter. Once you see what works and what doesn’t you can make changes to your Twitter content sharing strategy.

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