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Tell Google What Your Site is About

Writing by Nick Stamoulis in SEO

Even though the Google algorithm is extremely complex and the search engine giant continues to make new strides every day to produce results that users are going to be happy with we have to continue to keep one thing in mind- it’s search spiders (robots) that are doing a majority of the work. As smart as they may be, they aren’t that smart and they certainly aren’t mind readers or psychics. The only way that a search spider will know what your site is about is if you tell them.

Unless you are intimately familiar with SEO and how it all works together, this might not be so obvious to the average business website owner, specifically within smaller businesses. We’ve come across plenty of sites that barely use what should be their priority keywords within their website content or maybe don’t even use them at all. This is because these website owners haven’t done any SEO work and are leaning on all of their other marketing efforts to explain what the business does and then direct traffic to the site. For target audience members, this might work out OK. They see what you offer in an ad, do a branded search for your website, and then once they click over to your site they already have enough information for it all to make sense. This is one way to generate traffic to the website, but it means missing out on a number of new prospects that could be gained from the search engines.

For example, what if a company offers “small business accounting software”. To those of us with SEO knowledge, it’s expected that “small business accounting software” should show up within the content on the website. But for those that don’t get SEO, it’s not that obvious. Maybe the site does have the words “accounting” and “software” in the content, but in today’s competitive SERP space that’s just not going to cut it. You need to spell it out more clearly for the search engine spiders so that your site can appear for related keyword search terms. Maybe your current customers know what you offer, and maybe even prospects understand it from your other advertising and marketing efforts, but what about brand new business and the people that are searching in Google? How will they find out about you?

Telling Google what your site is about essentially comes down to doing two things: making edits to on site content to incorporate the keywords that people are using to search and building relevant inbound links to your site. Conduct keyword research and select the keywords that have search volume, but that aren’t too competitive or broad. Add these keywords to the site content including the Title tag and meta description of each page. Conduct research to find relevant sites that you can build links from. Getting links from sites that have to do with “X”, essentially tells Google that in some way what you have to offer is also relevant to “X”.

Of course that is a very high level overview of what SEO is about, but the bottom line is that if you want to generate any traffic from Google, you need to take the time to tell the Google robots what you are all about.

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