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Proving the Impact of Social Media Promotion

Writing by Nick Stamoulis in Social Media

I was talking with a client a few weeks back that was really excited because their company recently hired a new VP of Marketing. Although my point of contact was the Marketing Director for this company, she felt like she had no one on her side when it came to their marketing efforts, including SEO and social media promotion, so she was really excited to finally have someone in her corner that the C-Suite might actually listen too! She told me that the new VP was a big proponent of content marketing but wanted to be able to come back with tangible numbers showing the value of content marketing and social media promotion—and could we help with that? You bet we could!

The thing I love about Google Analytics is that you can find and pull data for just about any request, provided you know what you’re looking for. I’m not a Google Analytics expert although I know my way around fairly well. I knew that the typical social sources report wouldn’t be enough. How could I show the real value of content marketing and social media promotion? Then inspiration struck. In Google Analytics you can pull up data about any specific page on your site. Since my client’s blog was built on the same domain of their company site ( I could look at each individual blog post and see what kind of traffic those posts were getting.

Here’s an example of some of the data I pulled on a specific blog post:

Social Media Promotion

 As you can see when the blog post first went live there was an initial surge of traffic. That’s because every time a blog post goes live we promote it through all their social profiles including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Groups and various social bookmarking sites to stimulate activity. About a week later the post was re-promoted and there was another surge in traffic. You’ll also notice that people are still coming to the blog post even long after it’s been published. I was able to open up what keywords were driving visitors to the post from the search engines as well and get even more in-depth data.

But even though showing how social promotion affected each individual blog post was a good start, how does that impact the site overall? That’s when I decided to zero in on the week’s that a blog post  went live (a few days before and a few days after) to show that days when content was going live tended to be the days when the site got the most traffic. Here’s an example of the kind of information I pulled.

 Content Marketing Proof

In the above graph, the blog post went live on November 19th, which is clearly the most trafficked day that week. The same scenario tended to play out each time a blog post was promoted.

Clearly content marketing and social promotion are working for this client of mine. I’m actually really excited because it had been taking a really long time internally for my client to get content written, approved and published. Hopefully, with the new VP of Marketing and these graphs the C-suite will be able to wrap their heads about the real value of content marketing and social promotion for their company.

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