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SEO Tools We Can’t Live Without

Writing by Nick Stamoulis in SEO

SEO is a complicated process that is only getting more complex by the day. The businesses (and their websites) that have the most SEO success are the ones that take the time to learn best practice and base their decisions on data. Luckily for anyone practicing SEO, there are plenty of tools out there that can provide this important data and make our lives a lot easier. If you ask anyone in the SEO industry what their favorite SEO tool or software is, you’re likely to get a few different answers. Everyone takes their own unique approach to SEO and might find certain tools more helpful than others. Here at Brick Marketing we have 5 top “go-to” tools that we use for our clients as well as to monitor our own web properties:

Google Analytics
Yahoo! is still relevant and Bing may be gaining ground, but there’s no denying that Google remains the king of search and that isn’t changing anytime soon. Since the majority of people use Google to search, and a positive Google results page presence can do wonders for your business, data from Google is extremely important. All website owners should sign up for a Google Analytics account. It’s free and fairly simple to get up and running on a website. Google Analytics provides website owners (and online marketers) with a wealth of information about their site including top performing pages, entrance keywords, conversion data, and more that can guide SEO efforts going forward.
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Google Webmaster Tools
Like Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools is important because it’s essentially information straight from the horse’s mouth. Webmaster Tools provides webmasters with information such as a list of internal and external pages that link to the site, keyword searches that led to the site being listed in the SERP (search engine results page) and the click through rate of each, statistics about how Google indexed the site and any errors that it came across, and more. Google Webmaster Tools is also where a webmaster can check indexing status and submit a sitemap.
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SEOMoz is a paid tool, but it’s well worth the cost for anyone that’s serious about SEO. After a one month free trial period, an account costs $99/month. SEOMoz allows you to analyze your links as well as the links of your competitors. There are free tools that can do this, but the data often isn’t as thorough. SEOMoz also allows website owners to monitor rankings for specific keywords. Perhaps one of the most useful functions of SEOMoz is that it points out any errors that the search engine spiders will notice on your page, such as missing meta information, duplicate content, and 404 errors. Each of these errors can ruin the trust factor of your website. Without a tool like this, it’s nearly impossible to know what kind of problems could be occurring on the back end of your website that affects SEO.
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Link Tiger
Link Tiger is a useful paid tool that will scan your entire website looking for broken links and provide you with a broken link report. Broken links are harmful from an SEO perspective because, like other website errors, they can harm the trust factor. The search engines want to provide users with the best possible experience. If your website includes links to lots of pages that no longer exist, that’s not a good user experience. If you have a large website, and especially if you have a blog as part of your site, the site could have a large number of broken links.
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Google Keyword Tool
The keywords that are selected lay the foundation for an entire SEO campaign, which is why keyword research is so important. The Google Keyword tool is free and provides you with related keywords along with search volume information to make informed decisions about which keywords should be targeted on each page of your site.
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