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SEO Isn’t a Collaborative Process

Writing by Nick Stamoulis in SEO

There are many red flags to take note of when starting discussions with a potential client. If they continue to ask how long it will take to get to a number one ranking, that’s a red flag. If they’ve worked with (and fired) numerous SEO companies in the past, that’s another red flag. If they think that they can disappear without providing feedback or direction throughout the course of the campaign, you guessed it, red flag. Another red flag that isn’t as common, but pops up every now and again is a potential client that operates more than one business (and more than one website) and has a different SEO firm handling each of them. What is the point of that?

When asked, business owners using more than one SEO firm are usually doing it to “test the waters” with each. They may eventually move all of their websites to one SEO firm, but they want to know which firm is best. Essentially, they are pinning the word of one firm against the word of another firm and seeing if one comes out on top. If they consider the methods of one firm to be superior, they tell the other firms to follow suit. Really, that isn’t how SEO works.

Every SEO firm is different. Each has a different methodology and process to eventually get the same results. Some firms can use black hat tactics, others use gray hat tactics, and others remain strictly white hat. Obviously you want to stay away from the black and gray hatters, but just because the strategy of one white hat firm differs from that of another white hat firm does not mean that one is better than the other.

If you work with more than one SEO firm, even if it is for more than one website, it’s like having too many cooks in the kitchen. An SEO campaign thrives on continuity. Input from A Firm, B Firm, and C Firm can result in a campaign that’s disjointed and messy.

When it comes to hiring an SEO firm, do your research, find one that you can trust, and allow them to handle all of your SEO work. It will make things a lot easier in the end and keep SEO work moving in the right direction.

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