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Keep Your Sales Pipeline Full with SalesPortal

Writing by Nick Stamoulis in Internet Marketing

Full disclosure – SalesPortal is a full service SEO client of Brick Marketing.

I’d like to be able to say that the only goal of SEO is to drive more targeted traffic to your website. Anything that happens after that is completely up to your website itself—how user friendly is it? Is it easy for visitors to convert? Are your call-to-actions compelling enough to prompt action? But the truth is, even though SEO should only be about driving more targeted traffic to your site, most website owners want to see a direct line between their investment in SEO and their bottom line. Whether we want to admit it or not, SEO professionals are partially responsible for helping keep our clients’ sales pipelines full with quality leads.

But most marketers know that they can’t rely on one type of lead generation program; it leaves their sales pipeline too vulnerable. Plus, having only one form of lead generation in place (be it online or offline) actually limits the amount of potential customers you can connect with. In addition to SEO as a lead generation tactic, many businesses use PPC, CPL advertising, banner advertising and more. When it comes to offline lead generation, many companies use direct mail campaigns, cold calling, advertising in niche publications and so forth.

But there is another form of lead generation that I feel many companies don’t fully leverage to their benefit—partnership marketing. Partnership marketing is when two companies that exist in similar, yet not competing niches, join forces to provide each other with the unique opportunity to market to each other’s customer base. For instance, a B&B might partner with a local restaurant and promote that restaurant as a great spot for dinner. Guests get a 10% discount on their dinner or perhaps a free dessert because they are staying in the B&B. On the flip side of the partnership, the B&B gets to advertise in the tour restaurant’s monthly newsletter. Each business leverages the brand value and trust factor of the other to reach new potential customers in a way that makes sense, providing them with qualified leads they might have otherwise missed.

But while partnership marketing on a small scale seems relatively simple and easy to implement, how can a powerful enterprise leverage this simple marketing tactic to enhance their own customer acquisition program? One solution is SalesPortal.

SalesPortal is the first partnership marketing network that enhances customer engagement, generates new revenue streams for enterprises with contact centers, and lowers marketers’ customer acquisition costs.

SalesPortal is a complete partnership marketing platform for the voice channel. Their unique technology lets marketers connect with other companies whose products and services have a high degree of relevancy to their own. This relevancy helps ensure that the enterprise is reaching the right audience at the right time. SalesPortal’s system lets companies present their product and service offers to live, on-the-phone, engaged customers who are calling into their partners’ contact centers. Callers interested in the offer are transferred directly from the partner call centers to the marketer’s sales center. The sal

es pipeline is constantly being supplied from a multitude of marketing partners, each who reach a different sub-segment of your target audience.

SalesPotal Clients have seen a much higher consumer opt-in rate than online media and significantly better lead-to-sale conversion rates.

How Does the SalesPortal Partnership Marketing Platform Work for Marketers?

Step 1 – Create a Lead Purchase Campaign
You can create multiple campaigns on SalesPortal, either by product or offer. The great thing about SalesPortal is that the marketing company gets to write a script for their product to be read to callers by the call center agent of their partner companies. This ensure that you control the script and offer so you don’t have to worry about your partner’s ability to properly pitch your product, a common sore point in many other cross-pitching campaigns. SalesPortal also allows companies to set time durations for campaigns, set budgets by individual campaign (you can run multiple campaigns at once), and manage the bidding on leads (helping control your lead generation budget!).

Step 2 – Search for a Relevant Partner
SalesPortal provides a powerful partner matching and recommendation engine to help match up relevant partners based on complementary products, customer demographics, or even event triggers such as someone buying a home.

Step 3 – Place a Competing Bid
In the SalesPortal system, marketers bid to receive relevant calls from their partners. This unique bidding system helps companies keep their customer acquisition costs under control. And just like one buyer can have many partners, a call center can have many buyers. Therefore, competing bids are evaluated based on product relevancy, bid price, and factors such as geographic requirements and the SalesPortal system helps create the best match.

In addition to the per-lead bid, marketers indicate the phone number where calls should be transferred and the budget per day to spend on the campaign. This helps ensure that your sales pipeline isn’t pushed over capacity and leads are wasted on busy signals.

Step 4 – Qualified Calls are Transferred to Your Sales Center
As the winning bidder your offers are presented to callers at your partner call center. Callers that express interest in your products or offer are transferred to your sales center. The best thing about SalesPortal is that, unlike pay per click ads, marketers only pay for the leads that stay connected for at least 20 seconds.

SalesPortal provides marketing professionals with a wide range of reports to track campaign performance including revenue by campaign and timeframe, revenue per offer read, calls not connected to buyer, and more.

To learn more about SalesPortal, check out the website at or call 800-634-3474.

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