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The Problem with SEO Packages

Writing by Nick Stamoulis in Internet Marketing SEO

We get a lot of phone calls from people looking for “SEO packages.” They want to know right off the bat what they will be getting for SEO services and how much it will cost. The truth is it is very hard to package SEO services into bundles. If presented with a Gold, Silver, and Platinum package, most businesses will most likely choose services based on overall cost instead of what they are actually getting as part of the deal. Take cable television packages for example. You pay a set price for say 35 premium channels, but maybe you only watch 5 of them regularly. Or you only want one specific channel but have to commit to the “movie lovers” package to get it. With SEO you don’t want to waste money on services you don’t need while neglecting others.

Here are three reasons why an SEO package may not be the best deal:

Every Website is Different

With SEO, there is no one size fits all solution. Each website is as unique as the next. A bunch of factors contribute to the success of an SEO campaign including how old and trusted the domain is, where the site is geographically hosted, how many links the site has, just to name a few. Because there are so many different variables that contribute to a website’s success, you shouldn’t limit your SEO to the same parameters that thousands of other websites use by choosing the same SEO package.

You Need to Consider Prior SEO Work

When in negotiations with an SEO firm to contract for services, the firm will most likely ask you about any prior SEO work. This is important as the work already done on your site will have an effect on the scope of work your prospective SEO firm will perform. If your site is already ranking in the search engines, has some natural links, and is ranking well for specific keywords, the approach your SEO firm will take will be very different from a site that is just starting out. Choosing the “platinum” package for a website that is already ranking well naturally may be throwing money down the drain. Just as signing up for the “gold” level package may be leaving out critical components for your website’s campaign.

SEO is Always Changing

The internet is ever evolving, and so is search engine optimization. Every time Google launches a new algorithm update, there are ripple effects that impact search engine marketing. If you lock yourself into a package deal, your service contract may not include room for changes that need to be made to your services to reflect these changes. Working directly with an SEO provider to create a customized SEO program specifically for your business or organization is the best way to achieve success with online marketing. That way if changes need to be made due to a change in your goals or a new search update, you can modify your SEO program as it is tailored solely for your website.

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