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Poor SEO Results? It Might be Your Fault!

Writing by Nick Stamoulis in SEO

Obviously if you are working with a fly-by-night or scummy SEO company, chances are your poor SEO results are directly caused by their actions (although you should have known you get what you pay for!). But what happens when you’re working with a reputable white hat SEO firm and you still aren’t seeing the visitors and conversions you were hoping for. Does this mean your SEO partner is completely to blame? Before you start looking to rip your SEO provider a new one, here are a few things to consider that might make your site’s poor SEO results your fault:

1. Did you implement all of the onsite recommendations?

I’ve worked with several site owners throughout the years that never “got around” to implementing the onsite SEO recommendations I put together for their site. It wasn’t that they didn’t have the in-house team or time (and if they didn’t I had a developer of my own who could have handled it for them). It wasn’t because they didn’t agree with or understand the recommendations; they just never did them. Fast forward 6 months and they want to know the reason behind their poor SEO results and I have to remind them that we’re partners in their SEO program. I did my part (creating the onsite recommendation document) but in the end they have to uphold their end of the deal and implement the changes. I can’t be blamed when I did everything I said I was going to do and they didn’t follow through on their end.

2. Are you leveraging SEO in-house?

I’ve worked with other clients that had their own in-house PR and social media marketing team, two online marketing efforts that can have a dramatic impact on SEO. One client was easily sending out 2-3 press releases a month but they never got their PR manager to put links in the body of the press release; such a wasted link building opportunity. I even provided their PR manager with a list of anchor text and corresponding URLs, hoping to sneak a few links in every now and again but nothing ever came of it. Your SEO partner can do a lot of you on their own, but if you’re not championing SEO in-house there are a lot of missed opportunities that could result in poor SEO results (or at least not as good as you had hoped for).

3. Does every piece of content get caught in red tape?

One time I was working with the marketing manager of a company who just “got it” when it came to SEO; the issue was that her management didn’t. Every blog post, article, white paper and every other piece of content we wanted to publish and promote to help with their content marketing and SEO campaign got caught in miles of internal red tape. It felt like every member of the company had to read and approve EVERYTHING before it could go live. Sometimes a blog post would be stuck in limbo for six weeks waiting on final approval. It’s kind of hard to get your content marketing campaign off the ground when you can’t actually publish anything.

Traditional link building, content marketing, social media marketing and onsite SEO all form the foundation for a strong SEO program. If one of more of these activities is supposedly in your hands/under your control and you aren’t fully leveraging it then you shouldn’t be too surprised when you’re looking at poor SEO results.

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