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Is That Drop in Organic Traffic Normal?

Writing by Nick Stamoulis in SEO

Is That Drop in Organic Traffic Normal?

Every site owner loves to see their organic traffic climb upwards month over month. But very few websites see that growth month after month after month without fail. Sooner or later you are bound to have a slow month where organic traffic takes a slight drop, maybe 5-10% or so. Other months might even see a bigger drop in organic traffic, but that doesn’t automatically mean your SEO program is failing. Unless your drop in organic traffic happens the same day as a Google update like Panda or Penguin goes live, try not to panic right away. That drop in organic traffic could actually be normal! Every industry and every website is bound to feel the impact seasonality throughout the year. For instance, a florist might get a steady stream of traffic all year but sees huge spikes around Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day because more people are actively searching for CLICK HERE TO READ MORE...

Beyond the Visitor Report: Ways to Measure SEO Success

Writing by Nick Stamoulis in SEO

In order to determine how your website and SEO campaign is performing, it’s necessary to add analytics code to the site. There are plenty of website analytics tools to choose from, both free and paid. What we recommend is Google Analytics. It’s a free tool that really provides a wealth of information that comes straight from Google, which is helpful since Google practically runs the Internet. Google Analytics allows you to pull a number of reports that can be used to measure success. For SEO, the organic visitor report is critical as it shows you the number of visitors coming CLICK HERE TO READ MORE...

2013 – A Year of Big SEO Changes

Writing by Nick Stamoulis in SEO

2013 was the year of big changes in the world of SEO. Google pushed out several major updates that sent thousands of site owners scrambling to recover from past bad actions. A lot of link building methods and tactics that used to work either lost value or were entirely debunked thanks to Penguin and changes to the Webmaster Guidelines. The entire search algorithm was actually updated, akin to putting a new engine in an old car. Let’s take a look at all the ways SEO changed in 2013 to make sure we’re starting our 2014 campaigns off on the right CLICK HERE TO READ MORE...

Earn Links by Building Relationships

Writing by Shawna Wright in Link Building

The rules of link building have definitely changed forever thanks to the Google Penguin updates. “Easy win” links are getting harder and harder to find because the search engines are demanding that websites earn their links, not just build them haphazardly across the web. A few years ago sites could just build any link and artificially inflate their SEO value. The search algorithm caught up with site owners and marketers, however, and now the amount of links isn’t nearly as important as the quality of those links. And with the ability to levy partial manual action penalties because of unnatural CLICK HERE TO READ MORE...

Required Elements of a Modern SEO Campaign

Writing by Nick Stamoulis in SEO

SEO has undergone multiple transformations through the years. During the early days, the focus was on building links to your website. At one point, nearly any link would help. However, that’s no longer the case. The only way a link is going to help your SEO efforts today is if it generates traffic and comes from a relevant, high quality source. An SEO campaign looks much different than it did even just a few years ago and also requires more creativity and effort. Here are the 5 required elements of a modern SEO campaign: Keyword research The fact that keywords play an CLICK HERE TO READ MORE...

Seek a Variety of Guest Author Opportunities

Writing by Nick Stamoulis in Content Marketing

Writing Content

If you want to succeed with SEO today it’s necessary to be publishing quality content on behalf of your business on a regular basis. Optimized content is what appears on the search engine results page for related keyword searches and what will get shared across the web as a reference within content created by others and in social media. The top priority is to publish informational blog posts on your own website so that when the content is linked to, it is delivering traffic directly to your site. However, in order to be successful with SEO it’s also recommended to CLICK HERE TO READ MORE...

Characteristics of Content That Gets Shared

Writing by Nick Stamoulis in Content Marketing

Share Button

Online content is only worthwhile if people are actually finding it and reading it. The first step is to optimize the content so that it will appear organically in the search engines for related search terms over time. However, in order to create content that is “shareworthy” and generates inbound links and social signals it’s necessary to think about more than keywords. In fact, what makes some content more shareable than other content isn’t even the written text itself, but rather how the text is formatted and the appearance of the page. Here are 4 characteristics of content that is most CLICK HERE TO READ MORE...

How Much Content Should We Be Publishing?

Writing by Danielle Bachini in Content Marketing

When it comes to SEO, we can’t stress the importance of quality content enough. Each page of content that is published on the web is an opportunity for that page to rank organically for related search terms and to generate inbound links back to your site. The best types of links today are links that occur naturally as opposed to inbound links that are “forced” for SEO. It’s the informational and useful content that you publish online that will generate these natural links as the page is shared as a reference point in content published by others or within social CLICK HERE TO READ MORE...

Interview with Aris Vrakas, Former Director of SEO at Orbitz Worldwide

Writing by Nick Stamoulis in Expert Interviews

aris vrakas

Recently, I had the chance to interview SEO expert Aris Vrakas.  Mr. Vrakas is one of the industry’s top SEO professionals in the field of artificial intelligence e-marketing.  As Director of SEO at Orbitz Worldwide, he led Orbitz in building from scratch one of the first end-to-end landing page platforms, which is capable of self-optimisation to manage millions of pages, content sources, business wide data-sources as well as dozens of existing and new language domains. Question: As the former Global SEO Director for Orbitz Worldwide, how do you manage multiple SEO programs across dozens of countries and languages? Answer from Aris Vrakas: The basis CLICK HERE TO READ MORE...

Long Form Versus Short Form Content – Which Works Best?

Writing by Shawna Wright in Content Marketing

There seems to be little doubt that our attention spans, especially when it comes to consuming online content, are getting shorter and shorter all the time. You only have to look at a social site like Twitter, where you’re capped to 140 characters, to get a sense that short form content is in and long form content is out; people simply can’t be bothered to invest the time into reading longer pieces of content. Even our message for saying something is too long, i.e TLDR (too long, didn’t read), is tightened up to as few characters as possible. So if our CLICK HERE TO READ MORE...

3 Things a Trustworthy SEO Firm Would Never Say

Writing by Nick Stamoulis in SEO

For the most part the SEO industry is full of passionate, dedicated, honest, and hardworking professionals who just want the best for our clients. But unfortunately a few rotten eggs have spoiled the industry’s reputation, making it harder for legitimate SEO firms to gain the trust of website owners that have been burned. If you are looking to hire an SEO firm I implore you to do your due diligence and make sure you are putting your website in good hands. And while you don’t have to be an SEO expert you do need to know what the red flags CLICK HERE TO READ MORE...

What’s New in SEO for December 16, 2013

Writing by Nick Stamoulis in SEO News

What to see what's new in SEO? We have compiled the latest news and updates from the big three, Google, Bing, and Yahoo as it relates to SEO and the search engines overall. WHAT'S NEW THIS WEEK WITH GOOGLE: New Google Sheets: Faster, More Powerful, and Works Offline Google releases a new version of "Google Sheets" (Fromerly Google Spreadsheets) that provides custom filters, faster searching, and even the option to work offline. WHAT'S NEW THIS WEEK WITH YAHOO!: New Year’s Cheer Making plans for New Year's have spiked this month. In Yahoo searches for "New Years Eve 2014" have spiked 1005%. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE...

Social Media Pages Are Primary Sources of Information

Writing by Nick Stamoulis in Social Media

Social media pages have become a “must have” for all businesses. Whether you own a small Mom and Pop shop or an enterprise organization, social media shouldn’t be viewed as an option. There are numerous reasons to be active in social media and set up business profiles on each of the primary social networks along with niche social networks, the most obvious of which is that social media is where the people are. It’s Marketing 101 to know that in order to generate awareness of your product or service you need to be where your target audience is. Today, no CLICK HERE TO READ MORE...

4 SEO Resolutions for 2014

Writing by Nick Stamoulis in SEO

It’s that time of year when everyone is planning their New Year’s resolutions. And while your personal resolution might be to get to the gym more frequently, finally take that dream vacation, or save more money, don’t forget to add a few SEO resolutions to list so you can help your website perform better than ever in 2014! Here are 4 SEO resolutions every site owner and marketer should make. 1. I will commit to at least one blog each week. Content creation and promotion is one of the cornerstones of SEO. If you aren’t actively producing content sooner or later you CLICK HERE TO READ MORE...

Link Building is a Team Effort

Writing by Danielle Bachini in Link Building

Team Effort

If you outsource SEO activities to an SEO firm, the firm will ultimately be responsible for all components of an SEO campaign which includes link building. It’s true that link building has come under attack due to changes to the search engine algorithms, specifically the Google Penguin update, but link building is still necessary. What’s changed is the link building approach. In the past a company would outsource their SEO work and the SEO company would find websites that accept link submissions and submit the information. That is no longer how things are done. What matters now isn’t link quantity CLICK HERE TO READ MORE...

What to Do When Someone Is Stealing Your Content

Writing by Shawna Wright in Content Marketing

There is nothing more heart wrenching as a writer than to see someone else taking credit for your content…except maybe someone else taking credit AND reaping all the rewards. The Google Panda updates were designed to target “scraper sites”, or sites that pull content from elsewhere on the web (steal it, basically) and outrank the original content. And while Panda has definitely done a good job of cleaning up the SERPS it’s not perfect. Sites can still steal content and fly under Google’s radar. But if you ever come across a site that has stolen your content you CLICK HERE TO READ MORE...

Don’t Let A Limited Budget Ruin Your Content Marketing Efforts

Writing by Nick Stamoulis in Content Marketing

With enough time and the right guidance a mediocre writer can turn into a pretty good one and a pretty good one can become great. But for many marketers and business owners either you step up the plate already as a pretty good writer or you work with what you’ve got. Most small business owners and marketers don’t have the time to devote hours every day to fine tuning their content and writing skills, no matter how much they may want to. These would-be content creators then look to hire freelance copywriters to fill in the gaps. The problem with CLICK HERE TO READ MORE...

What’s New in SEO for December 9, 2013

Writing by Nick Stamoulis in SEO News

What to see what's new in SEO? We have compiled the latest news and updates from the big three, Google, Bing, and Yahoo as it relates to SEO and the search engines overall. WHAT'S NEW THIS WEEK WITH GOOGLE: The Power of Search, Now Across Apps Both the Google Search App and Google Search on a mobile browser now have an "open in app" feature that opens your search results in your favorite apps right on your phone or tablet. WHAT'S NEW THIS WEEK WITH YAHOO!: Twerking. Snapping. Selfies: Yahoo’s 2013 Year In Review Yahoo! releases the Top 10 Searches for CLICK HERE TO READ MORE...

Should I Worry About Too Many Links?

Writing by Nick Stamoulis in Link Building

Due to the Google Penguin update and all of the subsequent updates to the update, we hear a lot from clients and potential clients that are nervous about the link building component of an SEO campaign. They have heard horror stories about what has happened to other websites that have lost a significant amount of organic traffic after the algorithm updates occurred. They know that it’s because of the link portfolio of these sites, link portfolios that in many cases are created by SEO providers, and don’t want the same thing to happen to them. They worry that generating too CLICK HERE TO READ MORE...