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Page Load Time Factors to Look At

Writing by Nick Stamoulis in Internet Marketing

Page load time has been a hot ticket item when it comes to search engine optimization discussions for a number of years now. It is still an important area to discuss because it continues to play a large role when it comes to how websites rank.

Here are some ways your website can slow down without you realizing it and here are some ways to improve your page load time.

Website Comments: If you have a blog and your blog posts generate a good deal of comments, some of those comments might be slowing down your page load time. Comments typically come with gravatars and links that get in the way of things displaying quickly.

Heavy Graphics: Large photos and heavy detailed graphics may look amazing but when it comes to page load time it could really slow things down. Try making your images a bit smaller to speed up their rendering process.

Too Many Widgets: If you use a CMS system like WordPress or Joomla, they often have time associated with heavy widgets that might look great but require some heavy page load times to run properly.

Keep Things Somewhat Simple: Do some searches for websites in your industry that rank very well and chances are you will see nice streamlined websites that do not require a tremendous amount of “things” running to make the website work. Often times if you over complicate a website it will lead to your website slowing down when someone tries to load it.

Sloppy Coding: All coding is not the same. There is such a thing as using sloppy coding when building a website, and it is important you use only the cleanest coding possible. A poorly coded website could slow down the way the pages individually load. Keep your code clean at all times and remove coding if it is not needed.

If you are not sure how to properly build a website don’t make changes to it yourself. Leave things to a professional that understands how to build a website the right way in order for things to run 100% efficiently.

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