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Getting Organic Links from Your Offline Event

Writing by Shawna Wright in B2B SEO Marketing

If there is anything I have learned during my time working in SEO it is that just about everything you do to market your business, both online and offline, can be leveraged for SEO and used to attract organic links in one way or another. Getting links from an online event like a webinar is typically straightforward and doesn’t require much maneuvering to make it happen. But what if your company is involved in a lot of offline events? How can you ensure you’re still getting all the SEO value and organic links you can for your website when you aren’t working in an online arena?

Here’s an example of how a organization like a local farmer’s market (which is both B2C and B2B) can turn their strong offline presence into organic links:

1. Ask all you vendors to link to your site!
Most famer’s markets are made up of dozens of smaller, independent businesses (that’s the B2B part). Chances are each of these businesses have their own website (or even just a Facebook page) where they promote and sell their products. It’s easy enough to ask those vendors to list your market on their site and chances are most will do it. After all, your merchants want their customers to know where they are going this weekend, right? So listing your market on their site with date/time/directions helps ensures that their loyal customers can find them. They get more foot traffic to their booth and you get the link! If you have 20 or vendors at your town’s farmer’s market every week that’s an easy 20 new organic links for your organization!

2. Make your offline event social online.
Social signals aren’t exactly the same as organic links, but they are definitely becoming an increasingly important part of any SEO campaign. And even an offline event can be social online! Encourage your vendors to take pictures of their booths at your market and you can share them on your own social profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc). Most companies are always on the lookout for shout-outs and social mentions, so by promoting your vendors they’ll help promote you!

3. Look for local link building opportunities.
Does your town/community have a local online event calendar? Does the local newspaper publish an online version where you can get your event a little press? Are you a member of your town’s Chamber of Commerce or a BBB member? All of these local sites are a great place to build organic links, especially if your company is primarily a local business (although these local sites are still great places for national companies to get overlooked linking opportunities).

There are a lot more ways to get organic links from your offline event, it just requires that you put your SEO thinking cap on! No matter what you do to market your business/organization always ask yourself how can I turn this into an organic link? Link building is often a time consuming process for most business and site owners, so don’t make it any harder on yourself than it has to be and miss out on valuable link building opportunities that are just waiting to be had!

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