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Building Online Partnerships With Offline Efforts

Writing by Nick Stamoulis in Internet Marketing Link Building

Building online partnerships with other websites is a great way to get new links to your site while exposing your content to new audiences. Guest blogging, creating partnerships with other businesses, and conducting interviews with industry experts are all ways to improve your SEO, however each activity takes a lot of planning and work in advance to be successful. You can’t always just email a website out of the blue and ask them if you can guest blog for them. Online partnerships sometimes need a little extra effort offline. Whether it means having a business lunch meeting, a phone call, or attending an industry specific networking event, you occasionally need to create a personal relationship before embarking on a business endeavor together.

How a Phone Call Can Lead to Guest Blogging

Guest blogging provides multiple SEO benefits. For instance, being a guest blogger on other sites helps to establish your position as a thought leader in your industry while building your company’s brand. Guest blogging also generates new traffic and visitors to your site while adding to your link building. However, guest blogging the right way, takes time and effort and you need to work to establish strong relationships with website owners in your industry in order to establish a successful guest blogging campaign. If there are industry specific blogs you follow and have connections with via social media, try to set up a phone call with the blog master. Simply picking up the phone and discussing a mutually beneficial arrangement for guest blogging can open the door for great opportunities for both parties involved.

A Lunch Meeting to Create Strategic Partnerships

A strategic partnership (or marketing alliance) is a partnership between two similar or complimentary companies. Partners will link to each other on their respective websites, cross-promote content, and even send co-branded emails. If there is a website or a business in your niche that you feel would complement your business well, you are going to need to establish a strong relationship first and then map out a plan of action. Request a meeting with the other party or invite some of the key players out to lunch. Speaking directly with the other website works by helping both sites establish specific criteria, and reach an agreement on content and inbound and outbound links. A strong partnership with a reputable company helps to drive links from other trusted domains to your site which boosts SEO.

Offline Interviews Can Become Online Content

Conducting interviews with industry experts provides you with fresh and compelling content while attracting new audiences to your site. However, interviews are a little more time and labor intensive than traditional email correspondence. Some professionals prefer to give in person interviews, while others may feel comfortable with a phone or video call. Others may not have the time to sit down for a full hour conversation, but would happily respond to an email with a list of questions for the interview. It all depends on who you are reaching out to. Contact your prospective interviewees first and find out what arrangement works best for them. Interviews help to add new and interesting content, and the interviewee will most likely share the content with his/her followers expanding your content’s reach.

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