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Go From No Blog to 6 Posts a Month in 3 Easy Steps

Writing by Nick Stamoulis in Content Marketing

I realize that a lot more goes into designing and building a blog so there are a few extra steps that will need to be taken in the beginning to ensure your blog is properly launched. And once you get the blog up and running there is also the issue of content promotion and social media sharing, which is another process in and of itself. But content creation and the actual blog writing, which is arguably the biggest blogging problem facing many businesses today, isn’t nearly as complicated as you might think it is!

1. Commit to 1 informative blog post a week.

Make the commitment to yourself here and now that you are going to write one informative blog post every week (4 a month). Schedule an hour or two (depending on how long it takes you to write) every week that is dedicated solely to blogging. Personally, I like writing at the same time in the morning every day because then it becomes part of my routine. I know that from 10-11 AM that is what I am doing so I don’t schedule other calls or meetings if I can help it. Also try to publish your post the same day and time each week so readers know when they should check back for fresh content.

It’s very important that you stick with at least one informative blog post each week, and not rest on promotional content to carry you through the week. If some company news comes up (launch a new product, win an award, etc) by all means share it on your blog but the key to a successful blog is to create content that educates, informs and inspires your readers. Try to keep your company ego out of it as much as possible.

2. Write 1 roundup blog post each month.

A roundup blog post, much like the ones we do here on the Brick Marketing blog, is a great way to add a little extra content to your blog and to help fuel your social media marketing campaigns. I like to create roundup posts using some of the other industry blogs I’ve commented on throughout the month. After all, I get a link back from their blog why not give them something in return! When I promote my roundup post via Twitter I make sure to include the author’s handle in the tweet so they know I’ve included their content. This helps me connect with other industry leaders and bloggers and helps create a dialogue between our two sites.

Content curation in the form of a roundup post is also a great way to provide your readers with more valuable resources. They know you aren’t the only expert around! And contrary to what you may think, linking out to other sites probably isn’t going to cost you a customer in the long run. It might actually help inspire more goodwill in your readers because you’re taking care of the research for them!

3. Create 1 video blog post each month.

Have you ever done a webinar? If you have that means you’re sitting on a treasure trove of blog content! Slice and dice that webinar into 2-5 minutes videos that offer viewers one good nugget of information. Once your video is done you can upload it to YouTube (don’t forget to optimize the description and add a link!) and them embed your published video in a blog post. Write a short paragraph about the video (search spiders can’t watch videos) and voila—you’ve got your 6th blog post that month!

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